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Sports Beat
 May 31, 2006

Sports Beat by Bill McCaffrey

This week our lead story is on Dystonia, please read it fully, then comes the sports letters and notes.† Some of this weeks work are tongue and cheek.† The following is not!

Dystonia ‚§≥ no it‚§Ās not a country in some far corner of the world, it is a neurological disorder that causes muscles in the body to pull or spasm that is a wide spread disorder that affects more than 300,000 people in North America.† Also it is the third most common movement disorder behind Parkinsons disease and tremor.† It doesn‚§Āt matter who you are Dystonia can hit anyone.

Dystonia is not fatal and in no way does it affect ones intellect.† More research is needed because there is no known cure for it but treatments are available, including drug therapy, botulinum toxin injections and some types of surgery.

The forms o Dystonia are:† 1) Cervical Dystonia (spasmodic Torticollis) this form affects the neck muscles turning the head to one side, or pulling it back or forward 2) Blepharospasm which affects the muscles of the eyelids causing them to close for seconds to hours, 3) Generalized Dystonia (Early onset at childhood) this usually begins with the limbs especially the foot and the arm and affects most of the body, 4) Oromandibular ‚§≥ this causes the jaw muscles, lips and tongue causing the jaw to be held open or clamped shut, 5) Spasmodic ‚§≥ the muscles that control the vocal chords making speaking difficult with low breath quality, and 6) Writers Cramp this affects the hand and finger muscles.

Now you may ask why have I discussed this in a sports column, well one who has spoken out on this Diane Rems who is a graduate of DC Theodore Roosevelt class of 1953.† As most of you know I started at Roosevelt so I thought I would adopt the cause much like Frank Shore has been charging ahead for MS.

Research as I said earlier in the article is needed in a BIG way, so I am urging each of you to consider contributing to Dystonic research by sending a check to the Dystonia Research Foundation, One East Wacker Drive, Suite 2430, Chicago, Illinois 60101-1905.† The telephone number is 312-755-0198, Fax number is 312-803-0138 or email at †Come on folks, lets get the research stepped up for this disease.


Not much interest here the biggest news seems to be the Larry Brown shuffle, is he is or isn‚§Āt he leaving the New York Knicks?† Brown appears to be the all-time gypsy of basketball (Pro or College) with more stops than a #14 MTA bus traveling to Annapolis or Baltimore.† Next up could be a return to college coaching for "Leaping Larry".

Could the NBA be coming to ‚§¶Crime City‚§? with Ed Hale supposedly trying to bring pro hoops there.† Hey maybe he could get Carmelo Anthony to make another DVD to promote Baltimore as the All-Thug City!

How about Elgin ‚§¶Rabbit‚§? Baylor the NBA Executive of the Year but not good enough for Charlie Brotman and Joe Warren‚§Ās ‚§¶Jocks Hall of Fame‚§?, hey guys get with it and get living in the new century.† You got a lot of guys there who couldn‚§Āt carry his jock much less get into it.

Oh yes it looks like Dallas to win the NBA championship, not the Wiz!

Hey are the Mystics capable of winning the WNBA championship?


That‚§Ās fine if not for the Devil Rays the hapless Baltimore Orioles would be the anchor team in their division.† It appears the Orioles made a big mistake giving Ramon Hernandez that big contract.† Sure he gets a few hits but Javy Lopez looks like he can still do it behind the plate (check out his last two stints behind the plate).

What‚§Ās new on the Anna Benson web site?† Check it out its more exciting than the Orioles on the field.

Also isn‚§Āt that where Roger and Margot Lusby live (Tampa area that is)?† The best time of the year has to be when Roger takes Margot and Joan Grahe to the beach.

Back to baseball McCaffrey!!† Okay I apologize if that last paragraph offended anyone I only meant it in the best way for two beautiful women.

The Washington Senators have played decent baseball despite all the injuries they have suffered.

When is John Patterson coming back or is he through for the season?† The Nats have really missed him.

Is minor league baseball coming to Gaithersburg?† I‚§Āve heard its in the works, maybe Triple-A for the Nats.

Don't forget to send your $7.14 to Mike Gibbons at the Babe Ruth Museum. † Why doesn‚§Āt major league baseball have holiday and Sunday doubleheaders like way back when?† Yes I know greed by the owners and players that's why.

Somebody said the other day major league baseball is just catching up with gasoline gouging companies and electric companies like BG&E and Pepco.† Next up slots for baseball stadiums and gas stations.† Hey after looking at those ticket, concession and parking prices I believe it.

No, No I do not believe that the ‚§¶Rugman‚§? is the Nats mascot.† Could the next Nats manager be Sam Perlozzo?

I still like the block W of the old Senators.† Hey Manny Crupi which do you like?

Ryan Zimmerman looks like the real thing for the Nats and should have a long and outstanding career.† I think he‚§Ās smart enough to be baseball‚§Ās next player/manager that could be a fast ‚§¶pick-me-up‚§? for Lerners club.

Rick Vaughn would make a great media director for the Nats.

Is ‚§¶Downtown Ed‚§? Brown still sucking up those free press meals, or did he finally stop stiffing sports organizations and colleges for free tickets and meals?† Next week we will provide you with a list of the ones that have fallen for his con.


Gary Williams seems to be having a lot of problems at Maryland, players leaving for the pros, opting out of commitments, spending too much time at Boulevard places like the old voo.

Now because I am now supporting the Dystonia Foundation does not mean that I don‚§Āt support Special Olympics or the MS Foundation ‚§≥ NO!

Is Ted Patterson still around?† How about the Caps old play-by-play man Ron Weber?

I wonder where Ralph Grimes, Eleanor Maffeo, Richard Holmes, Marie Ritz, Nancy Culbertson, Geraldine Cox, Ann Latimer and Ed Willingham are today?

How many of you remember some of the old Nats like Al Kozar, Johnny Sullivan, Gil Torres, Harlong Clift, Chick Pieretti and Johnny Niggeling?


The Baysox offense, got off to a quick start on Monday as the visitors were able to put up 2-first inning runs, something they've had trouble doing all season long, helping them to a 9-6 win over Akron.† Jeff Fiorentino, slapped a single to center to lead off the game.† Fiorentino, was followed by Brooks Badeaux who hit his third homer of the season, a two-run shot, putting the Baysox ahead early, 2-0.

The Aeros were able to put one run up in the bottom of the frame, off of a Kevin Kouzmanoff RBI Groundout, cutting the Bowie lead to, 2-1. The Baysox struck again in the third, with two outs Cory Keylor singled to right, setting up Mario Delgado, who connected for his fourth homer of the season, a two-run shot, putting the Baysox ahead 4-1.  The Aeros though would start to pick away at Baysox starter Matt Bruback in the bottom of the third two runs of their own.† With two runners on, Eider Torres tripled to center. Javi Herrera and Brad Snyder scored, cutting the Baysox lead to 4-3.

The Baysox would relinquish that lead in the fourth, thanks in part to a Javi Herrera 2-RBI single on a fly ball to right field. Ryan Mulhern and Shaun Larkin scored, putting the Baysox behind 5-4.

Baysox starter Matt Bruback was then replaced after the inning, giving way to Brian Forystek, who pitched three innings in relief, with 5 K's.† Forystek only gave up one hit which proved to be costly in extending the Aeros lead.† In the seventh inning, Aeros' slugger Brad Snyder took advantage of a Forystek offering with a solo shot to right, his seventh of the season, putting the Baysox behind, 6-4.

The Baysox would put up five runs in the final two frames, securing the victory in comeback fashion.† Tripper Johnson singled in Noah Hall for a run in the eighth, putting the Baysox behind only one run 6-5.† Johnson also scored in the eighth, when Brooks Badeaux was walked with the bases loaded, tying the game at 6.

Two wild pitches, by Aeros reliever Kyle Collins in the same at bat, plated first Tony Alvarez for a 7-6 Baysox lead and then, Tripper Johnson scored on a wild pitch putting the Baysox ahead 8-6.† Gera Alvarez capped off the Baysox scoring with an RBI single to center plating Ryan Hubele, for the 9-6 Baysox lead.

Baysox closer Marino Salas, replaced winning pitcher Nick McCurdy to record his 12th save of the season, giving up only one hit and one walk in a scoreless ninth for the Aeros.

ON DECK: The Baysox return home from one of their toughest road trips of the season, to take on Erie at 7:05 at Prince George's Stadium.† RHP Tim Kester will make his home debut for the Baysox vs. the SeaWolves.† Tomorrow is a Dollar Dayz game, sponsored by the Pennysaver.† All General Admission seats to tomorrow's game are just $1.00.† Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the Baysox ticket office at (301) 464-4851.


Keylor, Pitching, Defense Keys To "W"
On a night where both Erie and Bowie were vying for 4th place in the Southern Division, three Baysox pitchers combined on a one hit shutout over the visiting SeaWolves.

However, the pitching was not the only story of the evening.

The Baysox defense seemed to have a new spark to it as they made one spectacular play after another, helping starter Tim Kester to his first Baysox win of the season.  The Baysox offense only put up two runs off Erie starter Preston Larrison, but also reached base 15 times off the right-hander.

The Baysox put one run on the board in both the 4th and the 5th compliments of Jeff Fiorentino and a dazzling shot from Cory Keylor.

With two outs in the 4th, Rayner Bautista doubled down the left field line and was brought home by a Fiorentino single to center field for the first run of the game. Cory Keylor added the second blow in the 5th with a one out solo shot to right-center on a 0-0 pitch.

That would be all the Baysox would get on the night but the Baysox bullpen, consisting of Carlos Jan and Nick McCurdy picked up where Kester left off and shut the door on the SeaWolves for four straight frames.

Manager Don Werner said of his team's efforts on the hottest night of the season, "[Erie] only got maybe one guy to third base all night, so it was a really great pitching performance [and] a lot of nice defense plays in the game too which turned a lot of innings around for us." Tonight was an excellent example of that fact. Shortstop Rayner Bautista, both Fiorentino and Keylor in the outfield and Tripper Johnson at third base made some spectacular plays, worthy of ESPN Web Gems, to help out the pitching staff.

With his 1.2 inning effort, McCurdy earned his first save of the season, the 16th for the team.

It was the second shutout for the Baysox this season and the first since a 3-0 win over New Hampshire in game one of a doubleheader on May 4.

With the win and the Erie loss, the Baysox now take control of 4th place in the Southern Division with a record of 25-27. The Baysox are also now 7-1 against the SeaWolves this season, by far their best record against any league foe.

ON DECK: Tomorrow the SeaWolves and Baysox meet for the ninth time this season. Game time is at 7:05 PM. Daniel Cabrera will be making a Major League rehab start for the Orioles in Bowie. Erie will challenge him with former Major Leaguer LHP Bobby M Jones.


Happy Memorial Day! That means it is almost time for Big Train baseball. The 2006 Bethesda Big Train players will arrive Friday. After a Friday afternoon practice and a 4 p.m. scrimmage on Saturday, the Big Train will play a Saturday night June 3 exhibition game at Povich Field with the Maryland Patriots. Game time is 7:30 p.m. If you attend, you will see something you probably have never seen before and may never see again. Five-year Big Train veteran Adam Redd (Virginia Tech) will play a different position in each of the nine innings. Let's have a full house to root for Adam and welcome the 2006 Big Train players to Bethesda. Admission is free courtesy of game night sponsor Barwood Transportation. Each family will receive a free 2006 Souvenir Program suitable for signing courtesy of EU Services. Chick-fil-A will be in the house as well as Season Sponsor Ledo Pizza. Come early and eat dinner before the game.

Season passes will be on sale at Povich Field or may be purchased by mail:

There are still spots left in the Big Train baseball and softball camps, so sign-up now:

You should receive your 2006 Big Train Game Night Entertainment Schedule in the mail this week, but if you can't wait, here it is:

Sign-up now for a Big Train Party Picnic this summer:†

ON DECK: The first 250 kids 12 & under at the Wednesday June 7 exhibition game will receive a Big Train mini-bat courtesy of Season Sponsor Miller & Long, the folks who poured all the concrete at Povich Field and Cabin John # 2.


Congratulations to Greg Lemon (BT MVP 2004 & 2005) for being named an NCAA Division III First Team All-American!†Salisbury's senior shortstop†was also†named to the NCAA South Regional All-Tournament team on Saturday after the completion of play.†Lemon hit to an average of .846 in the tournament (11-for-13) with five runs scored and three driven in with three doubles and a triple.†Lemon continued his record-setting pace, ending the season with a school record 23-game hitting streak. He finished the season leading the team in hitting with a .410 average with five home runs and forty-five runs driven in. Lemon was also successful in 24-of-26 steal attempts.†In the field, Lemon fashioned a .946 fielding percentage.


Jacksonville State placed seven players on the 2006 Ohio Valley Conference All-Conference teams, the most of any school in the league.†Junior Nick Cleckler (BT 2004-06) earned first-team outfield honors. Nick†went hitless in Jacksonville State's league championship win, ending a school-record 28 game hitting streak. He leads the Gamecocks with a .379 batting average and has set three school records this season. In addition to the school's hitting streak record, the Hatton native recorded a hit in nine consecutive plate appearances and he tied a single-game record after going 6-for-6 vs UT Martin.

For more information, please log onto or call 301/983-1006. Or email us at


2005 was the inaugural season of the Cal Ripken, Sr. Collegiate Baseball League. The Maryland-based collegiate wooden bat league is comprised of six teams: Bethesda Big Train, College Park Maryland Bombers, Maryland Redbirds, Rockville Express, Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts, and Youse's Maryland Orioles. The teams played a 40-game regular season that started on Friday, June 10 with the Maryland Orioles visiting the Big Train at Shirley Povich Field in Bethesda. The Cal Ripken, Sr. Collegiate Baseball League has a license agreement with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation for the use of the name Cal Ripken, Sr. and is not affiliated with nor sponsored by the Foundation or Ripken Baseball. For information, please log onto


Thanks to these organizations for their generous support of Big Train baseball for the 2006 season: Chevy Chase Bank, Grossberg CPAs, Ledo Pizza, Miller & Long Co., Ourisman Automotive, and Sandy Spring Builders.


More than 1,800 families and individuals are receiving the Big Train emails. If you know of someone who might like to be added to our list, please ask them first and then send us their name, home address, and email address or have them sign-up through our webpage at THANKS!

Cal Ripken, Sr., used to say, ‚§¶Practice doesn‚§Āt make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.‚§? Bruce


Bill, I enjoy your newsletters, especially your reflections about baseball.† I have warm thoughts about Baltimore having been part of the Yankees broadcasting team when the Browns became the Orioles in "The Year The Yankees Lost The Pennant," 1954.
I also had many Baltimore adventures as a Producer for CBS Sports including the O's and the Colts.† John Steadman and I became good friends.† I loved working with the late Ray Douglas, a super TV director for the CBS Baltimore affiliate plus Chuck Thompson and Bill O'Donnell who was one of my dearest friends.† I played high school ball against Artie Donovan.† Fortunately for me, my high school (Manhattan Prep) didn't play football.† We did play baseball vs. Mt. St. Michael.† Artie also played baseball for St. Phillip Neri and I for St. Gabriel's.† My recollection is that Artie's role was as pinch hitter and he usually hit a home run.† He also provided lots of good humor for both sides.
I won't get into my season of World Football League TV with Alex Hawkins.† But Johnny Unitas, Alan Ameche and the great Colts are my heroes, even though I'm a lifelong NY Giants fan.† So are Brooks Robinson and Gus Triandos and many other O's. Keep up the good writing. Joe Gallagher

Dear Joe, You are the best there is!† Thank you for the very kind comments and stories, send more to me and my readers enjoy the memories. Bill † Bill, It is the most wonderful time of the year.† We hope to see you sometime this month. † Friday, June 2, 8:30 - Midnight - The Back Room @ Woodfire Restaurant in Severna Park, Great Food and Great Fun - 410-315-8100 † Saturday, June 3, 9-1:30AM, The Stil in Timonium ‚§≥ A rare Saturday night at the Stil, with Bill Fritz on Sax - 410-560-7900 † Sunday, June 4, 4-8 ‚§≥ Dock of the Bay, Millers Island ‚§≥ Lots of fun Sittin‚§Ā on the Dock of the Bay. We may have to play a reprise of a few Wiggles tunes, the adults, I mean kids seemed to enjoy it - †410-477-8100, † Friday, June 16, 9-1:30AM, The Stil in Timonium ‚§≥- Let‚§Ās have a hearty farewell to Lance as he heads to the Big Apple - 410-560-7900 † Friday, June 23, 10-1AM, The Rockfish Restaurant, Annapolis/Eastport, - hang out and be served by Sparky, the best bartender in Annapolis (according to Annapolis Magazine) † Friday, June 30, 6-10PM, On the Beach or Deck at Fager‚§Ās Island in Ocean City, 60th St. on the Bay, (888) 371-5400 † Friday, July 7, 4:30-8:30, MR Ducks (MR not Ducks) - We are looking forward to playing here again. †800-659-7703. † See you there just for the fun of it, Steve Ports, David Bell, Don Wimbrough and Bill Fritz

Dear Steve, You guys continue to be the best.† By the way, is ‚§¶Sparky the Best Bartender‚§? male or female? Bill

Bill, GO SKINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!† From John On the first day of school a first grade teacher explains to her class that she is a Dallas Cowboys fan. She asks her class to raise their hands if they are too. Wanting to impress the teacher, everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl. The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says Janie why didnt you raise your hand? *Because I‚§Ām not a Cowboys fan she replied. The teacher still shocked, asked Well, if your not a Cowboys fan then who are you a fan of? *I‚§Ām a Washington Redskins fan and proud of it Janie replied. The teacher could not believe her ears. Janie why are you a Redskins fan? *Cuz my mom and dad are both Skins fans, so I'm a Redskins fan too. Well said the teacher in an annoyed tone that is no reason for you to be an Redskins fan. You don‚§Āt have to be just like your parents all the time. What if your mom was an idiot and your dad was a moron, what would you be then? * Janie smiled Id be a Cowboys fan. Terry D.

Dear Terry, John, That‚§Ās cool, thanks. Bill

Bill, I went to Mervo till 1978. The football field is nice now since the track and field has been moved and updated.†They have a scoreboard and lights. Things are a lot different now. I used to run Lake Montebello in 6 minutes for gym and walk to herring run for home baseball games. The soccer field was where the football/track field is now.† I played 2 sports in high school soccer and baseball but only liked the sports nothing else. I only live 15 minutes from there now and grew up in Northwood off Hillen Road. Norris ‚§¶The Bull‚§? W.

Dear Bull, Good information, a re you still catching softballs with your head?† How‚§Ās Granny? Bill † Bill, Duke (Walter) Ward who graduated in 58 is having a very serious problem with his ankle.† Can you put him on your prayer list?† He deserves it as he has been a strong supporter of our alumni and our reunions and is just a wonderful man.† Thanks. Elaine

Dear Elaine, Consider it done. Bill † Bill, I read where Pete Stricklands tenure at Spurling high school was short lived. Pete went down to North Carolina State as an assistant to Sidney Lowe. I worked with Petes' dad at IBM for 30 some years.† He passed a number of years ago. Dick

Dear Dick, Pete will do a good job anywhere he goes, too bad he didn't stay. Bill

Bill, How did the poll of sportscasters finish? Brandywine Ben

Dear Branydwine Ben, It's still going on but here are some of the early leaders and losers.† The leaders--- Nasty Nestor Aparaco, George Michael, Anita Marx (new one in area), Phil Wood, Johnny Holiday.† And the losers--- Tom Davis (hands down), Boo Brue (I thought he was playing chicken man in Cincinatti), the Sports Junkies, the Navy football broadcaster (except for John Finestein who is excellent), and a few others.† The winner wins the ‚§¶Crash Hathaway Trophy‚§? and a free dinner at Wendys with Frank Shore. Bill

Bill, Have you heard the new sports voice in Baltimore ‚§≥ she‚§Ās great! Annie Davis

Dear AD, Anita Marx is the ‚§¶Sports Chick‚§? and she‚§Ās the best thing at that station which had (except got Mark Viciano and Dan Patrick) the worse lineup on any sports radio anywhere in the world.† She needs to get rid of some of those flunkies she has around her.† She‚§Ās much better than the ‚§¶Sports Babe‚§? by the way, where is the ‚§¶Sports Babe‚§? today?† The best female sports lady in the area was Chris Cole (she was ahead of her time) some station in this area should bring her back. Bill


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