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Sports Beat
 April 7, 2006

McCaffrey's World by Bill McCaffrey

Congratulations to Brenda Frese and the Lady Terps of the University of Maryland on winning the NCAA women‚§Ās basketball National Championship!

It seems like only yesterday that Debbie Yow was able to lure Coach Frese to College Park to take over a program that had dropped off the face of the women's basketball earth.† But she responded and started building what is fast becoming the premier program in the women's NCAA basketball world. Maryland has never had a women's hoops program like this and the reason is Brenda Frese!† She has the ability, talent, skills, and most of all the desire to be the leader of the supreme program in the world.

She has appeared on our CTV program every year she‚§Ās been at Maryland.† She has great assistants and great players and the ability to put it all together and mold it into the best.† Another valuable part of her total package is one of the best media Relations Director in sports ‚§≥ Natalia Ciccone.

Thursday Natalie went with Coach Frese and the Champions of three sports (women‚§Ās basketball, women‚§Ās Field Hockey, and Men‚§Ās Soccer) to visit President George Bush at the White House.

One other thing I am glad of is that the B/W area media, print-voice, and picture have realized the women have champions at College Park. The sleeping media folks finally woke up to the fact that Coach Frese has the premier program in the Country.† Not only are there women‚§Ās champions at Maryland University, the area also has another championship women‚§Ās team in the DC Divas, and the women‚§Ās professional football championship team. Is there any running back in the area (men or women) better than Donna Wilkerson of the Divas?† I don‚§Āt think so!


Coming up on April 22nd the 2006 Jocks reunion at the Greenbelt American Legion from 12 noon to 3:00 p.m. This year's inductees are:
Sal DeGiorgi ⤳ Post humously, Eastern High School
Jimmie Trimble, St. Albans High School
Nick Argyropoulos, Roosevelt High School
Alvin Lann, McKinley Tech High School
"Pee Wee" Morris, Anacosita High School
Dave Zatz, Eastern High School
John Grinell, W & L High School
Nelson Harvey, W & L High School

The price of tickets are $35 before April 14th by mailing a check to Horace Highsmith, 8303 Sprague Place, New Carrollton, after the 14th the ticket price will be $40.

Any questions: call Joe Warrenat at 301-918-8100 or fax Joe at 301-918-8124.† See you there!

11:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.
Colony South Hotel (Rte. 5 Branch Ave. & Surratts Rd.)
7401 Surratts Road Clinton, MD. 301-856-4500
Direction: Via the Beltway exit at Branch Avenue and go South Approximately 5 miles.

Buffet Served at 12:00 Noon Cash Bar.
Menu: Salad w/choice of dressing, fruit, baked chicken, roast beef, dessert, coffee and tea.
Your Special Price: $27.00 Per Person
First 300 people will be attending only!
Payment must be made by May 7th. Pre-pay only!!
Payment at the door is not acceptable.
Cancellations with monies returned no later than May 12th, 2006.

Mail to:
Mrs. Betty Jane Brewer, POB 246, Edgewater, MD. 21037-0246
Questions to:
Fred Plummer††, or 410-956-6963

So sing with exultation
And when the band is Loudly and clear playing
Classmates and comrades Join everyone
Come from far and near,
For Anacostia still leads us on rah! rah!

Come to this Luncheon and learn about the Multi Class reunion in planning to take place in 2007


On Friday, April 14th, Washington's Golden Glove Regional Championships will be held at the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Community Center, doors open at 7:00 p.m.

The DC and Maryland area champs will be facing off against the VA./NC, US Navy and Marine champs.† Pre game and intermission shows will feature the Sweet Water Band, the National Anthem will be sung by Ginger Lynn Byron. This event is a Bobby Magruder Production.

Also the veteran Jimmy Evans will be the Honored Guest.

I want to thank my sister Mary Peach for hosting a great 85th birthday party for her husband Herndon Peach, Jr. on April 1st. There was alot of family and friends and it was great seeing them all especially T. Kemps brother Joe who worked with Herndon in the telephone company.† Joe‚§Ās grandson Joe who played baseball at Riverdale Baptist is now playing minor league baseball.† Ti still lives in DC on Webster Street NW near Old Soldiers Home.† One of my early girl friends Marian Diehl lived in the 300 block of Webster Street but she went back to Syracuse, NY.


Thanks for your support last week.† Please help spread the word.
Dave and Don


9205 Marlboro Pike Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 301-599-6060
Music by DJ MELLO-T
April 7, 8, 9, 2006
FRIDAY ⤳ 9:00 PM
SATURDAY - 8:00/10:30 PM
SUNDAY-†† 8:00 PM
Doors open 1/2 hour before show
Casual Attire
Directions: From I:495 Take Exit 11A PENNSYLVANIA AVE, RT 4 SOUTH
Go thru 2 traffic lights, then get in the right lane and bear right onto OLD MARLBORO PIKE.
Follow Old Marlboro Pike thru the next traffic light (Dowerhouse Road)
and Tuckers is just ahead on the right.

Hi Folks:
Ahhhh! Spring is here: Orioles games, yard work, taxes and Friday nights with the Steve Ports Trio featuring David Bell, Don Wimbrough and Bill Fritz.† Hope to see you sometime in April:

Friday, April 7, 4-7, the Maryland Athletic Club's (MAC) Beer Tasting

8:30 @ Midnight - The Back Room @ Woodfire Restaurant in Severna Park, 410-315-8100

Saturday, April 8, Private Party (Happy Birthday Fayne and Chris)

Friday, April 14, 8:30-12ish, Piv's Pub, York Road, Cockeysville, 410-666-5755

Saturday, April 15, 8:30-11:45, Castlebay Irish Pub, Main Street, Annapolis, (410) 626-0165

Friday, April 21, 9-1:30AM, The Stil in Timonium 410-560-7900

Friday, April 28, 10-1:30, The Rockfish Restaurant, Annapolis/Eastport,

Bon Voyage (David and Steve S will get it);
Steve Ports, David Bell, Don Wimbrough and Bill Fritz

Keep up the good work!

They did it. They finally did it. I have been cheering and praying for this women's basketball team for years, as I know you have also and many other friends I am sure. When it was over all I could do was shed the tears of joy that they surely must have been feeling. I have never been so proud of women's sports as I am today.† And those very young women just stepped up to the plate and said oh yes we can, and we will.† And they did.
God bless each and every one, and especially the heart of Brenda Frese which was big enough to see their dream come true.
My dream now is to shake her hand someday, and somehow I know I will.
Thanks for all of your words of support and encouragement in the column.† It has all come together at last.

How true!

Hi Bill,
Slot Machines were in Colonial Beach. John Bunn lives in Lake City, FL Charlotte Freedman married Dan Fishman and they live in Silver Spring. I have information on the two of them if anyone desires to get in touch. Keep up the good work.

Good information.

Weren't you on the Maryland's Women's basketball way back when?

Yes I was.† When Brenda Frese came on board she made me an instant believer, that was before anyone in the media except Johnny Holiday even knew there was a Maryland Women‚§Ās basketball team.

Isn't Grace Willett Paul Willett's older sister?† I went steady with Paul for a time in my freshman year at Roosevelt and Paul was at our Roosevelt 50th in 2002. So Carole West and/or someone on the RHS reunion committee should be able to get in touch with Paul.
Thanks for the column as always.† I did not mean to take up all that space tho, folks will now begin to wish they had not clamored for Miss Jane's return to the scene, ha. God bless you and yours,
P.S.† Is Paul the Mystery One?†† Simi thinks it may be you, you hint it may be him, Marlene suspects the ever evasive Colonel Phil, and Colonel Bud is my best guess should take a poll and see who gets the most votes, ha. My cousin Sandi Land Casper who now lives in Bend Oregon where Len Knott also is, is cousin to John Bunn and I believe he is down here in my area in Florida somewhere.† Will ask Sandi.

Yes.† You still are the area's answer to Jane Russell.

I believe "Tammie" was Sandra Dee and Lana Turner played her mother.

Dear Pat,

Do you remember where the Bucket of Blood was?
Bette Powell

Yes in Oxon Hill.† Say are you the Bette Powell who worked as an operator at the C&P Telephone Company at 14th and R Street NW in DC?
Bill †


The regular meeting of Talkin' Baseball will be held on Saturday, April 8, 2006 at 9:00 A.M. at Barnes & Noble, 4300 Montgomery Avenue (Longate Shopping Center) Ellicott City, MD.† Our speaker will be Fred Frommer who will talk on his book," Washington Baseball Fans' Little Book of Wisdom". Everyone is welcome. There is no charge.

Maryland Delegate Dave Rudolph had the Cecil County Community College Men‚§Ās basketball team in Annapolis this past Wednesday.† Rudolph and the Legislature honored the team, players and coaches for winning the JUCO National Men‚§Ās Championship.

Darryl "Too Cool" Coley will also be on Gene Molovinisky‚§Ās Keystone Boxing event on May 10th as the co-feature with Lamont ‚§¶Bey‚§? Pearson.

Our deepest sympathy goes to the family of Larry "Tex" Silverman who was a basketball star at George Washington University and a member of GWU‚§Ās Athletic Hall of Fame.† He was 75 when he passed on March 26th.

Also passing was Harry Yaffe at age 88, he was the owner of the Mr. Henry's Pub and helped get Roberta Flack started as a singer.

Marlene G. reported that Gene Pitney also passed away.

Anne Arundel County Insurance Mogul, Ray Huff (he is from the DC area and owned Ray‚§Ās Grill in the 300 block of Ingram Street ) and is trying to locate Joan Downes, Marie McKinley, and Ann McConnell.† He was a favorite of Mac Farland Junior High School director M. Donovan.† Ray starred on the eraser team.

At the Maryland Department of Agriculture‚§Ās Annual Open House Event Governor Bob Ehrlich was a big favorite as he presented some awards and took a lot of pictures with the young folks who were attending the popular event hosted by Secretary Lew Riley and Deputy Dr. John Brooks.

A great band ‚§¶Ronnie Wayne and the Tidewater Band provided the musical entertainment for the crowd.† The band will be at the ‚§¶Hiding Spot‚§? in Brooklyn, Md.† It‚§Ās the former ‚§¶Bolero Lounge‚§?, a familiar hangout for folks like Ned Carey, Dana Walton, ‚§¶Shakey‚§? Shiflett, ‚§¶Blondie‚§? Shiflett, Oliver Kay, ‚§¶Nerdie‚§? Fletcher, David Jansen, ‚§¶The Duke‚§?, ‚§¶Gruesome‚§? Guy Foxwell (former usher at the Savoy theater), Dan ‚§¶Dum‚§? ‚§¶Dum‚§? Butler (former male hoola hoop champ), the band will be there on May 27th.

Hey, I really miss those sweet potato pies from Henry's Soul Cafe.

Bill Holmes is retiring as a boxing referee and judge.

Air McNairs next stop is Baltimore.

Nikola Volkof of the WWE is running for the Maryland House of Delegates from Baltimore County.


© 2006