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Sports Beat
 April 18, 2007

Sports Beat by Bill McCaffrey

Both the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals have recently enjoyed some on-the-field success but their off-the-field success continues to elude them.† Small crowds plaque both teams and its no wonder with high ticket, concession and parking prices.† A radio station that the Orioles use that has a weaker nighttime AM signal than WSMD-AM had 40 years ago, YES I know the Orioles use an FM station but who can hear it.

I saw that their media folks are making several stations apply for credentials on a daily basis.† I bet ‚§¶Downtown‚§? Brown doesn't have to do that and you'd have to use a paper cup and string to hear him (and he does put away the free media food).† Also someone asked if Brown was still selling Italian Ice at Six Flags?† I don't think so.

If you play the suck up game the Orioles will give you media press box seats and food (important to Downtown).† Oh well, Baltimore and Washington are rated way down on the fans popularity polls.

Danny Boy and Owner Angelos rate very low with the fans and probably always will.† The winner with the fans in the B/W area is Steve Biscotti, hands down.† The fans just don't care about the Wiz, Caps, Mystics or Blast


Our book is on the 1957 Washington Senators. †After failing to get approval to move the Nats to Los Angeles or San Francisco ‚§¶Fat Cal‚§? Griffith now running the team since the death of his Step-father Clark Griffith on October 27, 1955. † But at the end of 1957 season ‚§¶Fat Cal‚§? was again making plans to move the team after another round of lies that he'd stay in Washington forever. † After two years of manager Chuck Dressen he lasted only 20 games (4-16) into the `57 season then got the hook and was replaced by Cookie Lavagetto. † Roy ‚§¶Squirrel‚§? Sievers led the American League in home runs and RBI's, he jacked 42 out of the park to beat out Ted Williams and Mickey Mantle for the home run title. † The` 57 Nats had one of Jim Wexle's favorites Herbie Plews at second.† Others in the infield were Pete Rumels, Rocky Bridges , Eddie Yost, Milt Bolling, Art Schult and Julio Becque, while SIevers was in left Jim Lemon, Faye Thornberry and Bob Usher.† The catchers were Clint Courtney and Lou Berberet.† The pitchers were led by Pedro Ramos, Camilio Pascual, Chuck Stobbs, Russ Kammerer (Freddie Dye's favorite), Tex Clevenger, Dick Hyde, Bud Byerly and Ted Abernathy. † The team finished in the basement behind Kansas City .† What did Dick Hyde and Ted Abernathy have in common? †

Bill, Below†is from Drew Forrestor's blog on the WNST web-site:
I URGE EVERYONE to BOYCOTT the O's. They are not worth spending money on or doing business with. I will not even be watching the games on TV anymore since it is on Angelos' network. Ed

We're no longer allowed to help bring people to the ballpark, I guess.

So on this morning's edition of the Comcast Morning Show, I set-up what I thought was a fun contest for the listeners‚§ÜI gave all of you a chance to call in or e-mail me with your predictions on what the Orioles would do in the second 10-game segment of the season.† We took about 30 phone calls and I have about 50 more submissions in my e-mail inbox.

I figured a nice way to reward the winner would be to provide four (4) tickets to the May 8 ‚§¶Reconnect with Baltimore Baseball‚§? night that I've put together to help reward families and their children.† I've received nearly a hundred tickets to the game from ticket holders, sponsors, etc. and I've personally purchased tickets for the ‚§¶Reconnect‚§? night, so I certainly have an extra four to use for the contest I initiated on this morning‚§Ās show.

Well‚§Üsorry‚§Übut the Orioles don‚§Āt like that.† I received an e-mail tonight telling me I‚§Ām not allowed to use tickets for on-air giveaways that promote the team.† Let me get this straight ‚§≥ I BUY four tickets ‚§≥ I own them ‚§≥ they belong to me‚§Üand 'm not allowed to give them away to someone?† I never knew Moscow was this cold in the spring. † Stop laughing.† 'm telling the truth.† Really, I am. † So, the winner of the contest will now receive four tickets to a professional bas eball game.† I can't guarantee where that game is going to be played.† We'll just call it "pot luck".

They've ANNOUNCED crowds of 13,000 the last two nights ‚§≥ by the looks of it on TV tonight, they might have 13,000 in the ballpark this evening (meaning they'll announced 19,000) ‚§≥ and they now inform me I can‚§Āt give-away four tickets to a listener that wins a contest in which I dedicated FOUR hours of air-time promoting the Orioles franchise and their current season? † If you're still laughing, I‚§Ām urging you to stop.† This isn't funny.† It's sad. DF † Folks, For those of you who think the O's media lunacy is only directed towards WNST,think again. See below for more on the story. Ed † It's the O's new theme - "One step forward, two back"

That was a really nice touch by the baseball team on Saturday night‚§Ügiving away free ponchos to everyone who braved the elements to watch that 6-4 win over the Royals.I got an e-mail from Jeff in Reisterstown who chastised the Orioles for giving away something that had a sponsor logo attached to it‚§Üwell, that's how the world of sports works, Jeff.† Let's not split hairs here ‚§≥ that was a good thing they did on Saturday night, even if it had a MASN logo on the poncho ‚§≥ which means, indirectly, that $2.00 they're stealing from me every month went towards the purchase of the rain gear.

So here's some applause for the baseball team for a good act on Saturday.† Hear it?† That's ME, applauding THEM, for doing a good deed. † Unfortunately ‚§≥ and you knew this was coming ‚§≥ for every good step the Orioles take, they follow with two bad steps.† To wit: † On Friday, for about the 8th time since February 1st, I asked the Orioles if they would make Mike Flanagan available for a 10-15 minute segment on The Comcast Morning Show sometime this week.† Two weeks into the season, I think we all have a lot of questions for Flanagan as it relates to roster moves, early-season play, etc.

The Orioles told me ‚§¶no‚§?.† No explanation provided.† Just, ‚§¶no‚§?.† Forget the fact that back in Feburary when I had lunch with Flanagan, Jim Duquette, O‚§Ās Communications Director Greg Bader and Media Relations guy Bill Stetka, Flanagan absolutely agreed to be on my show in spring training.† Well, that never happened.† And now, two weeks into the season, I ask again if he can come on the show and I'm told, ‚§¶no‚§?.

Of course, there remains the continuing saga of how they‚§Āre treating some of the media at Camden Yards.† Any of you who read Rick Maese‚§Ās column from Friday certainly have to be stunned at how they're treating Brent Harris and the rest of Comcast.† Look, it‚§Ās no secret why they've mistreated me ‚§≥ it's a punishment of sorts for Free The Birds and for my sometimes-critical-analysis of their business and marketing efforts.† I don't think that's right, but we all know it's true.† But Brent Harris has been an ally of the O's and Comcast is even if MASN ‚§¶thinks‚§? they're in competition with them ‚§≥ an integral part of the Baltimore sports media scene.† So why drag Comcast and Harris through the mud this past week?† Well, there‚§Ās a simple answer for that one.† The baseball team no longer generates any revenue from Comcast SportsNet.† They have their own revenue-generating machine in MASN.† With that in mind, Harris and CSN are dispo sable.

If the Orioles keep letting CBS Radio and MASN run their media relations department, the press box will soon be as empty as the stands have become over the last four years . Did I mention that none of this media-relations filth would be going on during football season in Baltimore ?† I just did.

And my legal counsel has informed me that I'm well within my rights to give away four (4) tickets that I've purchased to the game on May 8th. (see my Friday, 4/13 blog for more details on this scam the Orioles are trying to pull‚§Ücharlatans, they are).† He says as long as I haven't entered into any kind of agreement in which I'm obligated to NOT give-away tickets on the air, I'm safe.

Well, I can't even get their GM on the radio with me‚§Üwhy would I enter into any kind of agreement with THEM? † So they flexed their My Cousin Vinny lawyering muscles on Friday, but my legal guy says they don't have a leg to stand on. † Shocked?† Me neither.† Nothing they do anymore surprises me.† † Stay dry.† Use your Orioles/MASN poncho from Saturday night if need be...after all, you paid for it with last month's cable TV bill. DF † Ed and Drew, Thanks for sharing. Bill






Tom House, the nation's best pitching coach, will return to Povich Field this summer for his Third Annual Pitching Clinic.†Reserve your place now as the 2005 and 2006 clinics sold out. Register directly with Tom's National Pitching Association at†† † Every time I am with Tom, I am struck by the complete package -- not just mechanics, but fitness, nutrition, and mental and emotional conditioning -- Tom has developed to prepare young athletes to pitch. A Tom House clinic reinforces the importance of focus, hard work, and conditioning. Parents of young hurlers especially appreciate Tom's emphasis on injury prevention.† † This summer, Tom is also offering a catching clinic.

June 25-27, 2007
Shirley Povich Field†††† Bethesda , MD † †$300† Lecture: 7-9 p.m. Monday June 25 @ Cabin John Regional Park Skating Facility Catching Clinic: 8-11 a.m. Tuesday June 26 & Wednesday June 27 @ Povich Field Pitching Clinic for 14 & under: 8-11 a.m. Tue. June 26 & Wed. June 27 @ Povich Field Pitching Clinic for 15 & older: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.†Tue. June 26 & Wed. June 27 @ Povich Field


The Washington Post's excellent columnist Michael Wilbon's despair got the best of him this weekend. In Saturday's column, Wilbon wrote: "Now that Major League Baseball has restored fields from Compton , Calif., to Brooklyn and spread seed money all over the country, African American kids aren't interested." The truth is that Major League Baseball has done very little to promote baseball in the inner-city. The Fields of Dreams after-school program in the District of Columbia , started with a $20,000 expenditure by the Bethesda Big Train that turned a neglected field in Anacostia into a crown jewel named after Jackie Robinson, demonstrates that African-American kids are interested if they get what they deserve.

The Fields of Dreams model gives boys and girls in some of the City's most neglected neighborhoods what our suburban kids take for granted -- excellent fields, pro-style uniforms, and good coaches -- along with academic enrichment, homework help, and character education. There are 160 young Dreamers in the Fields of Dreams program this Spring at six elementary schools and two middle schools.

Here's how you can honor Jackie Robinson -- make a contribution to support the Fields of Dreams program. We need to raise an additional $10,000 to fully fund the program through the end of the Spring season this June.†Contributions are tax deductible. Make your check payable to "A Greater Washington/Fields of Dreams" and mail it to: A Greater Washington/Fields of Dreams, 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 712 , Washington , DC 20036 . A Greater Washington, the fiscal agent for Fields of Dreams, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit tax-exempt organization. The IRS employer identification number is 52-2108599. † Please forward this message to others you believe would like to join you in honoring Jackie Robinson by supporting baseball for kids in the District's most underserved neighborhoods.


Mike Costanzo (BT MVP 2003), a top prospect rising through the Phillies organization hit home runs in each of his first two games for the Double AA Reading Phillies. Greg Lemon (BT MVP 2004 & 2005) recently signed with the New Haven Cutters of the independent Can Am League. Greg will play at Historic Yale Field. Here's the press release: † The New Haven County Cutters signed INF Greg Lemon†for the 2007 season, the team announced Wednesday.†Lemon will play his first professional season with the Cutters in `07 following an outstanding four-year career at Salisbury University ( Salisbury , MD ).†Lemon, 22, finished as the program's all-time leader in runs (193), doubles (50) and walks (95) and second in hits (240), at-bats (646) and total bases (343).†In his senior year in 2006, Lemon batted .410, posted a .649 slugging percentage and collected 17 doubles and 45 RBI in 47 games.†A Wilmington , DE , native, Lemon is expected to compete for the Cutters' starting second base job or serve as a utility infielder.†The Cutters open the 2007 campaign in the Can Am League May 25 in Brockton against the Rox and play their home opener May 31 at Historic Yale Field against the Rox.


Keystone/Maryland Baseball, a leader in minor league baseball team ownership and operations for 25 years, today announced the group will be collectively re-named ‚§¶Opening Day Partners‚§? (ODP).† In addition, Opening Day Partners has officially added Hall-of-Fame Orioles third baseman Brooks Robinson as a member of its ownership group.† Under the new name, the group will continue its role as leaders in minor league team ownership, ballpark design/construction and other related businesses.

Opening Day Partners currently owns and operates three teams: The Lancaster (PA) Barnstormers, the Camden (NJ) Riversharks and the York (PA) Revolution which will play its inaugural season this year. Since 1982, the group has owned and/or operated more than a dozen teams, including teams at every level of minor league baseball. Teams owned by the group have included the Hagerstown Suns, Frederick Keys, Bowie Baysox, Aberdeen Arsenal, Lancaster Barnstormers, Camden Riversharks, Nashua Pride, York Revolution, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs (proposed for 2008) and Delmarva Shorebirds.

The group is also exploring bringing minor league baseball to a number of additional communities in the mid-Atlantic region.†‚§¶This is a very exciting day for us,‚§? said Peter Kirk, Chairman of Opening Day Partners. ‚§¶Over the years we have established ownership brands throughout the mid-Atlantic region, and today we are bringing those brands together to form Opening Day Partners.† Adding Brooks to the group makes it that much more special and even more appealing to the communities in which we play.‚§?

Kirk is a long-time baseball executive who served two terms as Chairman of the board of trustees for Minor League Baseball. †He also served as a member of the Professional Baseball Executive Council which governed the sport during the period when there was a vacancy in the Commissioner of Baseball office. Under Kirk‚§Ās direction, the ownership group has brought more new teams and ballparks to communities than any group in the modern history of professional baseball. † Hall-of-Famer Brooks Robinson had been involved with the organization for four years as a special assistant before joining the ownership group.† The Arkansas native proudly calls Maryland his home and is one of the most beloved players in Orioles history. †Brooks has been a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame since 1983.‚§¶I have had an outstanding relationship with Peter Kirk and Jon Danos for quite awhile and I was thrilled when they invited me to be a part of their ownership group.† Their outstanding reputation in the minor league baseball industry combined with their plans for continued growth is very exciting,‚§? said Robinson.

Since 1982, Opening Day Partners has owned and operated its own minor league teams, operated teams for others, assisted in the sale and purchase of teams, and advised/consulted with clients around the world. A subsidiary company has operated food service facilities in diverse venues including the US Air Arena, Patriot Center and for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.† Another subsidiary has supplied the ground crews for the Sydney Olympics and for the Baltimore Orioles‚§Ā exhibition game in Havana , Cuba .†In addition to team ownership, ODP has provided stadium design, construction and operation services to numerous communities such as; Wilmington, Delaware, Trenton, New Jersey, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Portland, Maine, Aberdeen, Maryland, Frederick, Maryland, Prince Georges County, Maryland, and Wicomico County, Maryland.† Opening Day Partners, together with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the York County Industrial Development Authority, is currently in the final construction phase of Sovereign Bank Stadium in York , Pennsylvania where the Revolution will begin play this summer.† In addition, with the State of Maryland and Charles County Maryland, ODP expects to bring baseball to the Southern Maryland region in 2008 when the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs take the field.

‚§¶This is an outstanding day for Opening Day Partners,‚§? said Jon Danos, President, Chief Operating Officer of Opening Day Partners and a member of the ownership group. ‚§¶We have placed teams in markets that have embraced the clubs and really made their teams an important part of the community.† We continue to aggressively pursue other opportunities throughout minor league baseball and look forward to meeting with interested municipalities in the coming months.‚§?


What do you think? Do competitive sports build character? I think the fair answer is: It depends on the coach.

Great coaches, ones who care about their athletes as people and honor the traditional spirit of sport as the pursuit of team and individual excellence, are inevitably character builders. They are, first and foremost, teachers who measure their success not in victories or records but in their ability to help youngsters reach their highest potential. † Sure they teach techniques and strategies, but their words and actions also teach vital life skills and virtues like integrity, fairness, perseverance, courage, self-discipline, and all the graces associated with good sportsmanship. The people they coach not only become better performers, they become better human beings -- individuals you`d feel comfortable dating your own children.

On the other hand, coaches who have a more narrow view of their role measure success in terms of their won/lost record or in the number of all-star athletes they produce. Such persons often do more harm than good. Under these coaches, athletes often become more selfish, self-absorbed, arrogant, and unscrupulous in the pursuit of personal glory and achievements. Even such a coach wouldn`t want to hang out with them.

It`s no small danger to the future of our society and the welfare of our children that so many coaches fall into the second category. The recreational and educational goals of youth sports are too often undermined by volunteer as well as professional coaches who live out their fantasies or advance their careers at the cost of character.

Our children deserve better, and it`s the job of parents and school principals to see that they get it.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.†For an archive of Mr. Josephson`s commentaries with audio files, go to:†To receive free weekly e-mail, including all five of Mr. Josephson`s commentaries from that week, please sign up at:

For more information, please log onto or call 301/983-1006. Or email us at



Thanks to these organizations for their generous support of Big Train baseball for the 2007 season: Chevy Chase Bank, Carl M. Freeman Foundation, Grossberg CPAs, Hopkins & Porter, Ledo Pizza, Miller & Long Co., Ourisman Automotive, and Sandy Spring Builders. BRUCE

From: Mark Opsasnick


This Sunday (April 22, 2007; 12 noon-5pm) I'll be part of the ‚§¶International Day of the Book 2007‚§? ‚§≥ a street festival in Kensington , Maryland that celebrates local authors and their works. I won‚§Āt be giving a talk this afternoon, but I will have a table set up and will be selling copies of my books ‚§¶Capitol Rock‚§? and ‚§¶The Lizard King Was Here.‚§? If you live in the area, I hope you‚§Āll stop by and say hello. For details, visit: †


Thanks to everyone who showed up at the College Perk Coffeehouse in College Park this past Sunday for the ‚§¶College Perk Writers‚§Ā Expo.‚§? Despite the terrible weather and limited publicity, the coffeehouse was filled to near-capacity and all of the authors were warmly received. It was a heck of a fun party! It‚§Ās amazing to me that every single presentation I‚§Āve given has brought new Jim Morrison fans out of hiding.


I'll be taking some time off from giving presentations and talks, but the odds are great that we'll be back with more ‚§¶Lizard King‚§? events in Alexandria , Virginia later in 2007. Stay tuned! †Thanks to all who attended my book signings in 2006 and 2007, Mark Opsasnick††††

Folks, Mark your calendars for Sunday April 22, 12-5!† Kensington Celebrates the International Day of the Book Howard Avenue , Old Town Kensington Street Festival, rain or shine (but the forecast is looking good!)† Over 100 local authors, bookartists, illustrators, publishers, photographers, and more. Live music, storytellers, activities for children and adults, open-mic readings.† Booksellers from the Washington Antiquarian Booksellers Association. Free Rare Book Evaluations by Dale Sorenson of Waverly Auctions! Bring your books to show him, you might have a real treasure! Play chess with an International Chess Master!† Meet Sherlock Holmes! Live music - including JP McDermott & Western Bop, 2nd Story Band, Doris & Pete, 3rd Fret, Stancill Guitar Quartets, This Autumn Blue, and Carl Banner on Piano! See the beautiful Dragon Banners handpainted by artists of the Washington Metropolitan Artists' Society! Short opening ceremony at 12 in front of the Prevention of Blindness Antique Shop.† Open Mic begins at 12:20 between Fawcett St and Armory Ave.

Visit the festival website at for more information and for a schedule of bands and performances.

The festival flier is available on the website to download and print out.† Please post it wherever you can!† Email you friends! We need more volunteers!† If you have a teenager at home, please consider asking them to volunteer.† They can get community hours for school.† We also would love adult volunteers.† All volunteers get a free t-shirt and a big hug! And a big Thank You to our sponsors: Town of Kensington , Safeway, Gary Ditto of Long & Foster, Metropolitan Design Center , Grove Printing.† Please visit them and say thanks!

** Participants: read further for detailed information ** We have a great group of participants signed up this year, and still signing up!† There is no fee or charge to participate, but participants must register with us.

TABLES, etc:† Each participant must bring their own table and chairs, and whatever else they need to set up.† PLEASE BRING A LARGE PLASTIC TO THROW OVER YOUR TABLE JUST IN CASE.† If you have an easy-to-assemble CANOPY, please send me a brief note.† We'd like to have an idea of how many canopies are coming.† Canopies will be placed along the back wall between the large tents.† We encourage canopies in case of rain, but also because they add to the festive atmosphere.† If it does rain, please consider sharing your canopy with another participant.† Most people will have small tables and don't take up much space.

SET UP: Plan to arrive to set up around 10:30 or so.† The street will be closed.† Most participants should pull into the Kensington Gas Station at the corner of Howard and Armory, unload, and go park at the Kensington Park Library ( 4201 Knowles Ave , Kensington MD 20895)† There†will be a shuttle bus looping around from there to the festival beginning at 10am. We want to keep the neighborhood parking open for visitors.† Booksellers and Organizations, and participants who know they will be at the bottom end, should pull up to the road closure in front of All Books Considered (just up from the Kensington Post Office), and tell the volunteer at the closure that you are a participant.† Once they let you in, pull directly RIGHT into the M&T Bank parking lot.† Park and unload. There is limited parking there, so if all the spots are taken, go park at Kensington Library.† Children's book authors, and others doing children's activities, will be in or near the children's tent, so best to pull up in the middle, at the intersection of Howard and Fawcett St.† The children's tent should be just to the right.† Unload there, and go park at the Kensington Library.

*** Participants can also drop their tables, etc and books off at my shop on Saturday until 8pm.† This way, you don't have to wait in line to unload Sunday morning. You can just go directly to the Library to park, and take the shuttle back. Let me know if you choose to do so and we'll make room.† This will make things less hectic Sunday morning, so we encourage it.

SPACES: We will not be assigning spaces in advance, rather we will place people as they come.† There are really no better or worse spots.† The festival is laid out to encourage walking from one end to the other, and both ends are main entrances, as well as an entrance in the middle.† There will be music and performers at both ends and in the middle, so everything is pretty much even.† Children's authors and artists will be placed in or near the children's tent.† Booksellers will be down near the booksellers tent.† The booksellers tent is sponsored by the Washington Antiquarian Booksellers Association and the members have paid to be under it, so booksellers who have not paid should not set up under the tent.† If it rains, the other tents will be availabe, otherwise we will work things out.

IN CASE OF RAIN:† Last year we had some rain at the beginning of the festival but then the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day!† Everyone cooperated, moved under the tents, and kept a great attitude.† So, don't give up if it rains.† It can still be a great event!

TAKE DOWN: Please plan to stay until 5pm.† The shuttle bus will run until 6:00.

RESTROOM FACILITIES:† There will be two porta-potties at the train station.† There are other bathroom facilites at the Tea Room, the Big Pickle, and in my shop.

FOOD: Besides the Tea Room, at the corner of Howard and Fawcett, and the Big Pickle, next door to my shop, there will be two food vendors at the train station parking lot, Jamaica Sunrise and Armands' Pizza. If you are alone at your table and need to leave for a few minutes, ask one of the volunteers to sit for you.† This should be limited to just a few minutes, though.

Speaking of VOLUNTEERS, we could use more.† (see above)

CONTACT NUMBERS:† Here are two cell phone numbers to call before, during, or after the festival in case you need to contact us, or you can call my shop:
Elisenda - cell: 301-728-7580, store: 301-949-9416
Beth - cell: 301-467-2481

Please let me know if you have any questions. We can all work together to make this a great event! Thanks!† See you on Sunday!

For more information please see our website
Thanks! Elisenda
Kensington Row Bookshop
3786 Howard Ave
Kensington MD 20895


Hampton University's Zach Nott would be a great addition to the MD University's football staff.

Childs Walker of the Baltimore Sun had a great story on young baseball pitchers in the April 14th edition of the paper.† He mentioned Herb Score of the Cleveland Indians who had his career cut short when Gil McDougald lined a bullet back that hit Score in his right eye.† One of the things I remember about Score was that he lost to Billy Smith (great three sports star at DC's Roosevelt HS) in Triple A when Smith threw a no-hitter to win the game.† I always thought the Cards or Phillies (Smith's two major league teams he played for) should have made him a 1st baseman or outfielder and played him every day.

Who: All my team mates & me, Antawn Jamison!

What: The Official 2007 Wizards Playoff Celebration.

When: Sunday April 15th, 2007 - 9pm to 2am

Where: K Street Lounge, 1301 K St. NW WDC

How: Well dressed, exclusive & sexy... This is a very special playoff event, please arrive early & dressed to impress. Visit for more info & free passes. See you there...

Maryland Premiere Thursday, April 26th to Benefit The Sister's Academy

Winner of The Golden Palm [Best Picture] at The 2006 Cannes Film Festival

A Ken Loach Film

Cillian Murphy, Liam Cunningham, William Ruane, Gerard Kearney & Padraic Delaney
Tickets for the benefit premiere on Thursday, April 26th are $20.
For ticket information call Ryan's Daughter at 410.464.1000
Doors open at 6:30pm - Premiere screening at 7:30pm.
Refreshments and lite fare provided by Ryan's Daughter.

In Ireland in 1920, Damien is on his way to becoming a doctor. But when Britain sends hit squads to his country to block Ireland 's independence, Damien gives up his studies and joins a guerrilla army with his brother Teddy to fight back.

Congratulations to Tom Dennison on the birth of Ella Elizabeth.

Lady Bulldogs Rank 9th in Mid-Atlantic Region

The NCAA Division II Softball Committee has released this week's Division II softball regional rankings and Bowie State University cracks the top 10 in the Mid-Atlantic Region.† The Lady Bulldogs rank 9th and are one of three CIAA institutions represented in the poll.† Bowie State should move up in the region next week because two of the top eight teams lost four games each.† BSU has gone 6-0 since the committee met for this poll.

Bowie State's record currently stands at 19-7 overall, 16-2 in the CIAA and lead the Eastern Division with a perfect 8-0 record.† BSU's Lady Bulldogs rank first in CIAA Team Fielding (.964), second in Team Pitching (3.93 ERA) and third in CIAA Team Batting (.337) through 22 games at reporting time.

Mid-Atlantic Region
01. Lock Haven 25-1 10-0
02. Kutztown 21-13 7-1
03. Bloomsburg 18-6 7-1
04. East Stroudsburg 15-15 6-5
05. North Carolina Central 20-4 16-0
06. Edinboro 10-8 3-2
07. Slippery Rock 10-10 7-3
08. Shippensburg 15-15 5-7
09. Bowie State 13-7 13-5
10. Virginia State 16-10 16-2


Saturday, April 21st noon to 3:00 p.m. at the Greenbelt American Legion (301-345-0136) This year's inductees: Duke Coppage, Eastern Mole Janigian, Wilson Max Pheasaret, Anacostia Dale Summerbell, Western Norman Wacker, Western Sonny Wesley, Eastern Ernie Bertolini, Tech For more information call Joe Warren @ 301-918-8106.


Much of the 2006 World Champion D.C. Diva team is back this year, including MVP running back Rachelle Pecovsky and linebacker "Poison" Ivy Tillman.† Rachelle got married during the off season and has taken the name Pecovsky-Bentley, but that is the least of the change.† The Divas are now in the Independent Women's Football League (IWFL).† Last year the Divas were the champions of the National Women's Football Association (NWFA), but this year in the IWFL the Divas will face its toughest home schedule in its seven-year history.† Now is the time to order your season tickets.

Home Schedule:

April 28 -- New England Intensity† Last year the Intensity went 7-1 in another league before losing in the playoffs.† How tough will they be against the Divas who were 11-0 last year?

June 2 -- Detroit Demolition The Demolition is the only team to beat the Divas in the past three years.† They were four-time NWFA champions before moving to the IWFL last year where they lost in the championship game.† The Divas are itching for this chance to play their arch rivals.

June 9 -- Bay State Warriors The Warriors were undefeated in the regular season last year before losing in the first round of the IWFL playoffs.

June 16 -- New York Sharks The Sharks have never lost a regular season game since joining the IWFL in 2002, so this promises to be an exciting finale to the home season.

Order your tickets now for this exciting season.† Regular season tickets are a $10 savings over individual game tickets.† Also available are VIP tickets on the 50-yard line with seatbacks, limited food service, and other extras. † If you know a player, she will be able to take your order.† Otherwise, you can order by credit card online or pay by check via mail .

Four Incoming Terps Selected Parade All-Americans
Terp recruits earn national honors

Four of Maryland head coach Brenda Frese's incoming recruits have been named to the Parade Girls Basketball All-America team, the publication recently announced. Among the honorees are Marah Strickland and Drey Mingo, who have both already garnered national recognition.

A 5-11 guard, Strickland from Towson Catholic, was named to the second team, along with current AAU teammate Kim Rodgers, who hails from Virginia Beach , Va. Strickland was the Most Valuable Player of the East team at the WBCA High School All-America game and was also a McDonald's All-American. Rodgers was recently named to first team Associated Press All-Group AAA in Virginia, after leading the Beach District in scoring with 22.9 points per game. Rodgers was a third-team Parade selection last year.

Anjale Barrett, guard from New York City , was named to the third team. After earning the Parade nod, she was also selected to the New York State CLASS AA first team. Post player, Mingo, who was selected to the U-18 USA Basketball team last summer, was a fourth team honoree. Hailing from Atlanta , Ga. , she played in the WBCA and McDonald's All-America games with Strickland earlier this month.\

Joining the talented class next season is Katheryn Lyons from Kernersville , N.C. She capped a successful season with AP first team all-state accolades.

Six current Terrapins were Parade All-Americans when they were in high school, including senior Shay Doron who completed her eligibility and was drafted by the WNBA's N.Y. Liberty. Junior Sa'de Wiley-Gatewood was the Parade National High School Girls Player of the Year in 2004.


The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association's Softball Coaches Association has selected the 2007 All-CIAA and Rookie Teams.† Bowie State University leads the First Team with four players, added one more to the 2nd Team and placed two on the Rookie Team.

Junior pitcher Jillian Willey repeats as a member of the first team player and is joined by junior second baseman Eric Gray, sophomore shortstop Tiffany Toney and sophomore outfielder Tricia Corbin.† Sophomore infielder/pitcher Heather Enders was named to the All-CIAA Second Team (third base). †

Bowie State went two for two for Rookie Team honors as its only two freshmen, Annette Mackle and Breaun Garner were named to the 2007 CIAA Softball Rookie Team.

BSU's Lady Bulldogs own an impressive 21-7 overall record and lead the CIAA Eastern Division with an 8-0 record.† Bowie State will take its 16-2 CIAA record into tomorrow's (4/14) regular season finale as the Lady Bulldogs host Shaw University at 2:00 p.m.

The Bowie State Lady Bulldogs will enter next weeks (4/19-21) CIAA Spring Sports Championships as the top seed in East.† Bowie State will face the fourth seed in the Western Division (to be determined) at 12 noon and the Petersburg (VA) Sports Complex. † For additional information about Bowie State softball, contact the Office of Sports Information at (301) 860-3574 or log on to


Fights for April 19th:

Ballroom Boxing celebrates it's 91st event with another great night of boxing and entertainment. For more info call 410-766-7474. Doors are opened at 6:30 and fights begin at 8pm. Tickets are available at Michael's Eighth Avenue and Ticketmaster.† Contact Michael's Eighth Avenue for more info. Former world Champ Vincent Pettway and Mr. Mack Lewis have groomed Tyrell Samuel for a major run at the big time. And Champion Winky Wright will be in the Ballroom to watch two of his young rising stars, Jose Rodrigues and Darrell Madison.

Also, men and women from the US ARMY return in attendance to share in the festivities.† Here's the card...

6 rd ††††††††††††††††† Tyrell Samuel vs. Jose Hernandez

8 rd††††††††††††††††††† Jose Rodriguez vs. Martinus Clay

6 rd††††††††††††††††††† Travis Kauffman vs. Dan Whetsel

4 rd†††††††††††††††††† "Irish" Carson McCrourry vs. Travis Biechler

4 rd†††††††††††††††††† Carney Bowman vs. TBA

4 rd†††††††††††††††††† Darrell Madison vs. Kevin Thompson

And three amateur bouts including Nick Kisner, and Dean Bartch - two of the top young prospects in this region.

Former World Champion William Guthrie Set to Fight
on May 12th at the Patriot Center

Top Northern Virginia Boxers Kay Koroma, ‚§¶Irish‚§? Mike Carrigan, Tim Scache, Tracey Brewer and Jamie ‚§¶The Punisher‚§? Palma Also Added to Fight Card

Former world champion William Guthrie (35-4-2, 24 KOs) will make his National Capital region debut when he fights on the May 12th Lange-Cabell card at the Patriot Center, JACKIE ‚§¶FIRST LADY OF BOXING‚§? KALLEN, head of Ice Promotions announced today.† His opponent has not yet been named. Guthrie, who like JIMMY LANGE trains with BUDDY McGIRT at the former world champion‚§Ās Vero Beach , FL gym, returns to the ring looking to prove that he's still a world-class fighter.† He and Lange have discussed joining forces on a fight card for some time and now it's a reality.† Born and raised in St. Louis and now residing in Jupiter, FL, Guthrie captured the USBA Light Heavyweight, IBF International Cruiserweight and IBF Light Heavyweight titles during his professional career which began in 1989. †Guthrie lost a 12-round decision to Marlon Hayes this past January, his first setback in nearly five years. †While the cagey veteran admits that he isn't the strongest or quickest fighter around, he cites the wisdom and knowledge developed over the years as his biggest strengths moving forward.

Kallen also announced that the highly-anticipated card has secured several prominent Northern Virginia boxers, notably two undefeated prospects, junior welterweight contender KAY KOROMA (3-0, 2 KOs) of Alexandria and heavy-hitting 154-pounder ‚§¶IRISH‚§? MIKE CARRIGAN (3-0, 2 KOs) of Vienna (both opponents to be named).

Koroma, a Hayfield High School graduate, captured two Eastern Regional Golden Gloves championships during his impressive amateur career.† In 2004, he captured the 141-pound amateur title at the U.S. Championships in Washington , D.C., a victory that led to the right to compete at an Olympic-qualifier event in Colorado Springs .† He earned his first professional victory ‚§≥ a unanimous, four-round decision -- at the Patriot Center's first ever pro boxing event staged on September 13, 2005.† Koroma, who trains with the ALEXANDRIA BOXING CLUB (ABC), scored impressive knockout wins in his last two fights recorded earlier this year.

Mike Carrigan comes from a boxing family.† His father, Pat, runs Vienna's Emerald Boxing Club and trains his younger brother, Ronnie, an amateur Tri-Sate Golden Gloves 152-pound Champion who is headed to the National Golden Gloves competition later this month.† Mike's other brother, Sean, a collegiate wrestler/graduate of George Mason University, was an accomplished boxer before giving up the sport to pursue acting -- he won the NBC reality television series Next Action Star and is currently featured in one of the popular GEICO ‚§¶Caveman‚§? commercials.

Mike, a graduate of Fairfax's Robinson High School , trains with DENNIS PORTER and the ABC. While he turned professional in 1999, he only recently returned to the sweet science in 2006 after a six-year layoff. Highly-regarded 164-pound prospects TIM SCACHE of Alexandria and TRACEY BREWER of Arlington will shed their amateur status on May 12th when they face one another in a four-round showdown for local bragging rights.† Scache also trains with the ABC and Dennis Porter, while Brewer fights out of the ARLINGTON BOXING CLUB under the guidance of WILLIE TAYLOR. † Another local fighter, JAMIE ‚§¶THE PUNISHER‚§? PALMA (11-10, KOs ), brings his aggressive style to the show for a junior welterweight six-round contest (opponent to be named).

LANGE-CABELL II: THE REMATCH will feature JIMMY LANGE (27-3-2, 19 KOs) vs. Fontaine ‚§¶The Flame‚§? Cabell (21-6-2, 16 KOs) in a 12-round Main Event rematch for the vacant World Boxing Council (WBC) Continental Americas 154-pound title.† Smithsburg , MD ‚§Ās DEAN ‚§¶THE PIT BULL‚§? WHITE (14-6-1, 7 KOs) battles DAMIAN FULLER (27-4-1, 12 KOs) of Detroit in the 8-round, lightweight Co-Feature.

Tickets, priced at $25, $50, $75, $100, $125, $200, $300 & $350 †(Ringside) and $500 (VIP Ringside), may be purchased through Ticketmaster by going online at, via phone charge at 703-573-SEAT, 202-397-SEAT or 410-547-SEAT or by visiting the Patriot Center box office.† George Mason University faculty, staff and students, may receive a discount on select tickets by presenting a valid ID at the Patriot Center box office only.† Group discounts are available by calling 202-661-5061.† Contact the Patriot Center box office at 703-993-3000 or visit for more details.


Bill, Especially liked that piece on Joe Stanley who I knew since high school. He originally went to Eastern and played in the band and transferred to I believe Bladensburg later on. He played our club many times and we had many a sax session with he, Roger and Ralph McDuffie. (Naturals).

PS: Was that me working the concession stand behind home plate? Don't remember that Bill, but would love to have done that. J

John, Whoops, It was Bob Simi, sorry. Bill † Gentlemen, It appears that last night's attendance of just over 13,000 was the second-lowest of any game in the 16-year history of Camden Yards.† Can't be competing pressure from the Nats -- they were in Atlanta last night.† Any thoughts? Len

Len, My, My ..... A typical Washington fan -- always knocking someone else! People in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones! CWM

CWM, insult intended...merely an honest fact finding attempt. Len

Dear Mr. Sharpton, †As a member of the†white American race, I'm totally disgusted with the way you step into the "limelight", and try to†represent your race, with you stirring up emotions among your own people. You always seem to find a way to show how uneducated you truly are. I don't agree with the comments that Mr. Imus made on the air, but let†CEO's of the media†deal with the situation themselves, you are trying to act like a prosecutor, jury, and judge. Why don't you spend more time in the public, criticizing the way black hip hop singer promote in their songs. Why don't you make a statement, on public television, on a major talk show.

You have personally tried your best to bury Mr. Imus and hopefully he will be given a second chance, like all citizens of this country are given. They ought to have a "race coin" made with you and Jesse Jackson on it, you both came from the same mold, riding on the "coat tails" of others. I feel Dr. King would put his hand over your mouth to shut you up. You will never fill Dr. Kings shoes, and neither will Jessie Jackson. Look at your own record, you've done things in your past, even put in prison,†and were given another chance. Why don't you contact the record producers, managers, and the mainstream media, and file a complaint with the way the words are used in promoting their songs.

Tell me why it's fine that an African American can call one another "niggas" and "hoes", and that ok to the public? Where are your morals and values? I am so sick and tired of ignorant people like you, who preach about how the "white race" owes the African Americans anything. People like you that play the race card, are the ones who promote these very problems. Slavery happened long before you or I were placed on this earth, I don't owe anything to the African American race, I treat all people the same, the way I want to be treated, with respect.

Why didn't you and Jesse Jackson come out and criticize the people in the District of Columbia during the election of Marion Barry after he was convicted of drug use while previously in office. I guess you are one of the many of your race that†believe he was set up. What a joke the two of you have turned out to be. Again, Dr. King would be "rolling over in his grave" to know people like you are using the "race card" against others. If Dr. King was to leave his legacy to, It should be someone with the character of the great Andrew Young of Atlanta.

Listen to what†Jason Whitlock, columnist†of the Kansas City Star, a person of your own race states,†"We need to†start†by cleaning up our own race first. You and Jesse Jackson call yourselves Reverends, well let god be the judge of others, and change your course, and address the problems in your own race. You can start by cleaning up†the Hip Hop culture that invades the African American life style. Come to Prince Georges County, Maryland, were there has been 46 murders in this year alone as of April 12, 2007, and walk the streets, and preach to these kids, their killing off their own race, all over what, DRUGS and the Gangster Lifestyle that these thugs live.

And who are these victims, African Americans. Come and preach to the parent of these uneducated kids, a product of your own race. Soon we will be back to 85% white in this community. You can damn sure show up at a shooting were a white person has shot a black person, and play the race card. Come down here and try that approach, see how far you get. The gutters in this county, runs red with the blood of your own race, why does it have to happen, because†people like you are†too concerned with finding a reason to address other baseless issues.

If you feel your doing your race justice, have the producers†take a poll on the†Larry King Live Show or BET Network and see where you stand with your own race.†I've heard all too often, many comments from people of your own race, feel your a disgrace to them, and you don't speak for all people of either race. Most of what falls out of your mouth, is just your opinion, and sadly enough, your entitled to it. I don't need publicity to post what I feel, but if you get pass the first sentence,†feel free to comment on this email if you choose. Sincerely, Daniel S Ruby††††

Dear DSR, You are right on target.† We need more folks like you and Jason Whitlock who are not afraid to tell it like it is.† Al ‚§¶Sharpless‚§? Sharpton, Jesse, O.J. are more to blame than ‚§óI-Man‚§? will ever be.† Imus was wrong, but he's a whole lot better than those I mentioned and hey I haven't heard them apologize to the Duke players.† MSNBC and CBS better check out the numbers, they favor Imus by 60% to 70%, over 600,000 signed on. Bill


Thursday marked the 15th opening day of Bowie Baysox baseball.† Following team and player introductions, the 3,293 Baysox fans in attendance graciously welcomed original 1993 Baysox team members, pitcher Rick Krivda, and coach Joe Durham to throw out ceremonial first pitches.† Following the first pitches the crowd waited in anticipation as the infamous words ‚§¶play ball‚§? echoed throughout Prince George's Stadium for the first time in 2007.††† † The home opener didn‚§Āt exactly go as planned at first,† Akron got up on the scoreboard in the second thanks to a three-run home run by catcher Wyatt Toregas, giving the Aeros a 3-0 lead.† But the Baysox would answer in the bottom of the frame, when Nolan Reimold hit a tape measure shot just to the right of the 405 sign in center.† That home run marked Reimold‚§Ās second in as many days, cutting the Akron lead to, 3-2.† ‚§¶I have been swinging the bat pretty well so far, I‚§Āve just got to keep things going.† He threw me a good pitch to hit.‚§?† Reimold said, ‚§¶The park here is pretty big, some big dimensions, It‚§Ās a good place for a hitter.‚§?

But Akron would strike back in the fourth in a big way, building on their lead with a grand slam home run by Rodney Choy Foo.† The four-run round tripper gave the Aeros a 7-2 lead.† Akron would add another run in the sixth, extending their lead to 8-2.† † The Baysox began mounting a comeback in the bottom of the eighth, thanks to a Luis Hernadez RBI double, scoring Ryan Hubele from second, making it 8-3.† Hernandez‚§Ā hit was followed by a Paco Figueroa RBI single, scoring Hernandez, cutting the Akron lead to, 8-4.† Figueroa would then score on a throwing error on a pickoff attempt by pitcher Bubbie Buzachero, getting the Baysox to within three runs, 8-5.† † But that would be as close as the Baysox would get as Akron would close the door in the ninth, Ryan Goleski added an RBI single in the top of the frame, giving the Aeros a 9-5 lead.† Brandon Sing and Ryan Hubele struck out in the bottom of the ninth and Luis Hernandez grounded out to end the game.† ‚§¶We made to many mistakes tonight that cost us the game.‚§?† Manager Bien Figueroa said following the game, ‚§¶Despite that our bullpen has really been great for us this year.† We really just threw to bad pitches tonight, which resulted in home runs.† That's why we lost, it's tough to come back, when you are down, 8-3.‚§?† † The Bowie Baysox, enter their 15th season as the ‚§¶AA‚§? affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles in 2007.† Baysox Season Ticket plans as well as, group outings, picnics, birthday parties are currently available for booking by calling the Baysox front office at (301) 464-4880.† The Baysox will also be welcoming their 5 Millionth Fan to the ballpark this season, will it be you?

Blast Shaw Lady Bears 11-3 and 17-0

It was senior day for the Bowie State University softball team and the Lady Bulldogs sent lone senior Christina Rzepecki out on a high note, sweeping the Shaw University Lady Bears 11-3 and 17-0.† What makes the wins even sweeter is it gives Bowie State a perfect 10-0 CIAA Eastern Division record.† The loss dips Shaw to 7-19 overall, 7-11 in the CIAA and evens them at 5-5 in the East. † The visiting Shaw Lady Bears scored first in the top of the 2nd inning of game one when Aerial Sanders hit a hard liner to center field, scoring Marquita Pittman all the way from first.† Bowie State left runners at third in the bottom of inning one and two, leaving Shaw with a 1-0 lead.† Shaw's Joia King reached on a base on balls and crossed the plate in the third after a failed run down giving the Lady Bears a 2-0 advantage.

Bowie State junior Ashley Cook blasted a two run shot over the right center field fence in the bottom of the 3rd inning, her second of the year, tying the game at 2-2.† Lakida Whetstone led off Shaw's half of the 4th with a triple and scored after a sacrifice fly by Danetra Williams to retake the lead.† Sophomores Erin Gray and Tiffany Toney led off the bottom of the 4th inning with walks and sophomore Tricia Corbin doubled, scoring Gray and Toney to shift the advantage back to the home team.† BSU ended the inning by adding six to book to take an 8-3 lead.

Shaw failed to score in the 5th inning giving Bowie State a chance to close it out in their half of the inning.† Corbin led off the inning with a ground out.† Enders followed with a double to right center and Cook followed that with a two bagger to left (E7), scoring Enders.† A Virginia Hockey single moved sophomore Randi Willey to second and freshman pinch runner Breaun Garner to third.† Shaw pitching walked in the winning run (eight-run mercy rule) as Makle crossed the dish to end the first game of the doubleheader. † The Lady Bulldogs erupted for five runs in the bottom of the 1st inning of game two and never looked back.† Bowie State went on to score two in the 2nd inning, nine in the 3rd inning and one more in the 4th inning and recorded their 12th shutout of the season.† Enders picked up her team leading 11th pitching victory.

Bowie State ends the regular season with a 23-7 record (18-2 in the CIAA) and will be the top divisional seed in next weeks conference championships hosted by Virginia State University ( Petersburg , VA ). † Thanks so much Bill for sending this flyer for the benefit for children's cancer patients.† I sure wish I could be there at the American Legion Post on Central Avenue , is that Marlboro, Maryland ? in June.† I will certainly send a donation to Donnie for this event for the kids in my daughter Dr. Rhonda's name and am letting my friends and family up there know about this. †Have I told you that I will be volunteering at a local VA†Adult Day Care Center here in Daytona Beach in a few weeks and I hope to have some American Legion members visit the center as guests occasionally (also the local DAV). Perhaps I can even snag our favorite driver, Donnie Neuenberger of course, to visit the Center when he is in this area in the future. What a thrill that would be for the veterans. I will also let my daughter Rhonda know about†Donnie's project†because she is very interested in†research for†children's diseases and birth defects.† Her medical program†at Yale has already begun doing patient interviewing and will begin giving patients complete medical exams at the Yale University Hospital this week.†† Blessings to all and especially a fond hello to Donnie and the team at DGN Racing. Love to all, Dale†† †

Dale, Good report. Bill

The Press Box in Baltimore has a better staff than the Baltimore Daily Sun.† Phil Jackman (retired from the Sun) is far better than anyone the Sun has for that matter, he's better than anyone the Washington Post and Washington Times has too.† The only area paper that has anyone close to Jackman is the Examiner with Tom Duke, Dave McKenna is there also.

Look-a-Likes:† Paul Stackpole and Brian Draper‚§Ā the late Ann Nicole Smith and Shirley Brown; Bette Powell and Hedy Lemar; Vince McMahon and Steve of the Jerry Springer Show. † Has Colonel Bud joined the Mitt Rommney team?

Our deepest sympathy goes to the family of Judge James Cawood who passed at age 70 (1950 graduate of St. Francis Xavier, 1954 grad St. Anselm‚§Ās and Georgetown U.)

Also to the families of:† Gaetan Duchesne (age 44, former Washington Cap and NHL player) LaRon Cephas (age 29, former Terps basketball player and presently was Director at the Bates Center in Annapolis ) William Kratz III (1978 grad of Calvert County's Northern HS) Elizabeth ‚§¶Betsy‚§? Paquin (grad of DC's Central HS) Carolyn Purdy Baker (1951 grad DC's Wilson HS and 1955 of University of MD ) Benjamin Simon (grad Eastern HS and Southeastern U both in DC)

The Washington Capitals have raised some ticket prices also reducing some of the double nose bleed tickets. † One of the top basketball officials in the area is Dan Paugh, he‚§Ās ready to be jumped up to the top level of officiating in college (D-1).

Our deepest sympathy goes to the family of Stephen J. O'Donnell, Catholic Priest (1975 grad of Archbishop John Carroll HS in DC). † Deepest sympathy and prayers of my family go out to the victims and families of all the victims in that tragic event at Virginia Tech.† I was more than a little concerned because one of my granddaughters attends there.


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