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Sports Beat
 March 13, 2007

Sports Beat by Bill McCaffrey

It was a wild finish in the ACC tournament but as expected North Carolina won the championship by defeating NC State but the Wolfpack coach Sidney Lowe did a very good job in the tournament and the final.† The officiating didn‚§Āt improve as the tournament proceeded.† It was mediocre at best. † Seven ACC teams are going to the men‚§Ās NCAA ‚§¶Big Dance‚§? but one that was left out deserved to be left out and that was Leonard Hamilton‚§Ās Florida State thugs, a team that doesn‚§Āt care how many high school or prep schools a player goes to or how many times they get into trouble. † Maryland plays Davidson in the opening game for the Terps and I wonder who Lefty Driesell is rooting for as he coached both.† He left Davidson on good terms but was run out of College Park by John Slaughter, the man who gave College Park Bob Wade.† What a disaster!† The choice should have been to keep Lefty or if they were dumping him and going high school should have been Morgan Wootten of DeMatha! † Hey remember who recommended Wade to Slaughter?† Georgetown ‚§Ās John Thompson, that's who. † Fifty years ago in the regular season Bud Milliken‚§Ās Terps lost in triple overtime to North Carolina , Maryland could have won the game but near the end of the second overtime Perry Moore let a perfect pass go through him if he didn‚§Āt it would have given the Terps the basket and the win.† The Tar Heels went on to win the NCAA Men‚§Ās title beating Kansa and Wilt ‚§¶The Stilt‚§? Chamberlain in triple overtime. † In the early 1950‚§Ās big time Maryland lobbyist George Manis played for the Terps of Bud Milliken on the team that had the great Gene Shue and Ralph Greo. † Did you know the star center of Georgetown‚§Ās team in that era was Hugh Biens, now a major labor lawyer in Washington, DC, some of his teammates on the Hoyas were former lobbyist Joe Carroll, Bill Bolger and Lou Gigante who was the brother of ‚§¶Chin‚§? Gigante who it was said ran one of the five major crime franchise in New York City. † Georgetown and GWU‚§Ās men‚§Ās teams are going to the ‚§¶Big Dance‚§? and a lot of people feel Georgetown could win it all. † The Maryland Women are also going to the women‚§Ās version of the ‚§¶Big Dance‚§? where they will be trying for a repeat. † Look for Davidson to surprise the Terps in the men‚§Ās NCAA opening round.


Our deepest sympathy goes to the families of: Betty Hutton (star movie actress in the 1940‚§Ās & 50‚§Ās) Rick Hamilton (LaPlata HS grad & So. MD realtor) Joyce Ioanes (O‚§ĀConnell HS grad & Wilson HS teacher) Dacy Carney Daniel (Rockville HS grad) William C. Sturbitts ( St. John‚§Ās HS grad) Edward F. Egan (Gonzaga HS grad) † Don‚§Āt forget Riverdale Baptist‚§Ās ‚§¶March Madness‚§? on March 17th 1 to 5 p.m., auction, baseball tournament, dunk pool, and loads of other fun things to do. † Jocks Reunion coming up on April 21st at Greenbelt American Legion, for information call Joe Warren at 301-918-8100.† Send your nominations to Horace Highsmith, 8303 Sprague Drive , New Carrollton, Maryland 20784.† Some I would like to see nominated are: Dewey Poole, Frank Shore , Billy Hessler, Gary Mays, Elgin Baylor, Bobby Carroll, Earl Hawkins, Jim Wexler, and John Linthicum. † The weekend ‚§¶Wall Street Journal‚§? had a couple of articles that caught my eye and you should get a copy of them because they make for a great read, they are ‚§¶The Best Burger‚§? a story on the best burgers throughout the USA and ‚§¶In Fantasy Land, Sports Judges Hear Imaginary Cases‚§? on fantasy baseball. † I wonder where they are now ‚§≥ Freddie R. Dye; Bobbie Rae Dalton; Don & Sue Posey; Tony Morisi; Tom ‚§¶Roller Man‚§? Black; Norman ‚§¶Mung‚§? Young; Gene Wallace; Marian ‚§¶Giner‚§? Baines; Joan Scott Thorne; Donna Middleton, and Dick Coons.

Look-a-likes:† Frank Shore and Danny Kisner, Dale Poole and Dolores Del Ray, Joanne Woodward and June Coates Sumner, ‚§¶The Great Rasta‚§? and Tony the Maintenance Man, ‚§¶Monk the Detective‚§? and Patrick Pannella, and Shirley Carr and Lauren Becall.

Where is the best burger in the Baltimore-Washington Area? One of my favorite places and a great Italian restaurant is the Bella Napoli on Mountain Road in Pasadena , Maryland . † The ‚§¶New York Times‚§? this past Saturday had a great story on Sun Ming Ming the 7‚§Ā 9‚§? Chinese center playing for the Maryland Nighthawks and he is being tutored by former Bullet 7‚§Ā 7‚§? center and a movie star with Billy Crystal Gheorghi Muresan.† The Maryland Nighthawks started at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro then moved to District Heights and they now play in Montgomery County , Maryland . † A couple of locals are starring on the Villa Julie‚§Ās men‚§Ās tennis team they are Scott Woodburn (Great Mills) and Korey Garner of Leonardtown High School . † St. Mary‚§Ās Ryken grad Dustin Harlowe is on Villa Julie‚§Ās men‚§Ās lacrosse team and another ST. Mary‚§Ās Ryken high school grad Stephanie Potter is on the golf team at Villa Julie. † More area residents on the Villa Julie baseball team are Chris Hayden (Chopticon), Kevin Rodgers (Great Mills), and Ryan Balone ( Westlake ).† Good Counsel‚§Ās Pat Carley is a pitcher on the Mustangs team. † Bowie State‚§Ās Gil Goodrich was naned Daktronics South Atlantic Region Player of the Year.† BSU‚§Ās Tyrone Beale named to the second team. † Fred Plummer is looking for Betty Wrigglesworth Hughes, Rita Giovanetti, Franklin Lau, Zola Robbi, John Rothney, and Jimmy Dale Gordon.† Please contact him. † Villa Julie College beat St. Mary;s College 10-8 in men‚§Ās lacrosse.

In the high school State basketball championships the winners were:

4A††††††† Sherwood††††††††††††††††††††† 61†††††††††††††††††††† Magruder†††††††††††††††††††††† 38 3A††††††† River Hill††††††††††††††††††††††† 60†††††††††††††††††††† BCC†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 52 2A††††††† Randallstown†††††††††††††††† 66†††††††††††††††††††† Fairmont Heights†††††††††††††††††††††† 1A††††††† New Town†††††††††††††††††††† 74†††††††††††††††††††† Dunbar††††††††††††††††††††††††† 79 (2OT)

4A††††††† Eleanor Roosevelt††††††††† 61†††††††††††††††††††† Blake††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 32 3A††††††† Largo††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 60†††††††††††††††††††† Western††††††††††††††††††††††† 42 2A††††††† Atholton††††††††††††††††††††††† 69†††††††††††††††††††† Southern (AA)††††††††††††††† 62 1A††††††† Southern (Garrett)††††††††† 42†††††††††††††††††††† Pocomoke†††††††††††††††††††† 34


Boxing returned to Michael‚§Ās 8th Avenue on March 8th with a bang and big crowd.† LaPlata‚§Ās Nick Caroleo suffered his first pro loss when he lost a third round TKO to Reuel Williams.† Caroleo is now 3-1. † Other results were: Carson McCourey TKO in 2nd over Clinton Bonds Danny Kisner TKO 2nd over Derrick Martin Ronald Boyd KO 1st over Jorge Lara Phil Brown KO 3rd over Jonathan Felton † Jakes Smith‚§Ās Baltimore Pro Boxing had a big card March 10th at the Pikesville Armory with Jesse Nicklow (9-0-1) and Mike Paschall (11-0-1) remaining unbeaten.† ‚§¶Mouse‚§? Cole made his pro career a winning one. † Here are the results: Jesse Nicklow draw with Matt Berkshire Mike Paschall majority decision over William Gill Richard Stewart KO 2nd over Santiago Hilario Horace ‚§¶Ray‚§? Grant unanimous decision over Chris Riley Elias Boulonassis KO 1st over Vinson Robbins Earl ‚§¶Mouse‚§? Cole TKO 4th over Matt Hill † Michael‚§Ās 8th Avenue will host a pro-am event on April 19th. † Jake Smith‚§Ās Baltimore Pro Boxing expects to run several cards in Ocean City this summer. † The Golden Gloves continues this week at the Sugar Ray Leonard gym, and then the finals will be March 30th at the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Community Center under the direction of Bobby Magruder Productions. † There will be music by Charlie Taylor and Kurt Gibbons with the National Anthem by Ginger Lynn Byron.† Doors open at 7 p.m. † On April 13th the Regional finals will be held.† Tickets on sale for both events at Cheseldines Sports and Lettering, Waldorf Jaycees, and K.C. Sports Cards.


Bill, Love March madness and my Rhonda's Yale men's basketball team finished in the second spot in the Ivy League championships to Penn.† She is on spring break now and spending some time at the shore in Massachusetts and looking forward to making rounds at the hospital at Yale soon after classes resume, yeah!!!, finally she says (still more classes until graduation in December of 2008 but at least the hands on work is set to begin also and she is applying to work with Dr. Ben at JH, of course). Gators looking good here and won the SEC today I believe and I hope Maryland wakes up and gets a miracle†listening to tape of the entire congressional hearings on the Walter Reed scandal and failures of those in command on C-Span that Gen. Kiley needs to be sent to Iraq on the next flight and let's see how his doublespeak will work for him there no answers to the many questions yet from those on the commission as to how and when the problems can be fixed but at least the idea of the necessity of an advocate because of case managers foulups†for each man or woman in a military or vet facility was brought up and that the veterans organizations could possibly fill this need†wait a minute, isn't that called "passing the buck"?† Of course these organizations†could and do†play a major part in assisting vets and soldiers and their families but are there enough of them to do this, and would they be paid or†volunteers,†the idea†kinda just went by the wayside†but this is along the lines of my ideas that I have been sending around, each of us can do something for someone and the vets organizations can help to hook†up a volunteer advocate to a vet,†right?† Dale † Dear Dale, Go get them! Bill † Bill, Yesterday at a men's breakfast at church, I was introduced to a guy whose name sounded familiar. He ended up at my table and was surprised when I could spell his name. It was Doug Konieczny.† He was in the Astros rotation back in 75. Quite possible we had been in the visitng clubhouse at Dodger stadium at the same moment as I interviewed Virdon on one occasion.† Allrgiht one item: † The Colorado Rockies last year moved past the 50 million mark in all time†home attendance.† In only their 14th year. 1993-2006 †So, who previously made it in only their 18th year? † Answer:† The American League 1901-1918 Isaiah 662 † Bill, March Hot Stove Dinner - Wednesday, March 14 The March Hot Stove dinner is on the Eve of the Ides, so you don't have to beware.† Come on out and talk baseball at the usual time and place --- The Hard Times Cafe, 3028 Wilson Blvd,† Arlington, Va., Wednesday, March 14, 6:30 P.M. If you're definitely, probably, or possibly attending:† RSVP to Dave Raglin at 703/556-0332 or, by Tuesday night, so he can reserve sufficient space at the restaurant. The Cafe is right across the street from the Orange Line's Clarendon stop. For you motorists, there's a FREE underground parking lot on Highland Street , a block north of Wilson . Cost:† Only what you eat and drink.†† Come hungry, though, because the chili is GREAT.† So are the wings, and Wednesday is half-price wings night. Free Babe Ruth Program at Glenwood Library on Monday, March 19 at 7pm: Get a detailed look at the Babe, his troubled childhood and his introduction to baseball at St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys. The story leads to the great moment in 1927 - his record-setting 60th home run. Also, see rare photographs of the baseball legend's life. Presented by Fred Glueckstein, author of "The '27 Yankees". Books available for purchase and signing. Please call the Library at (410)313-5577 to register for this free program. Lucie Menassa Pettis Adult Information Services Glenwood Branch Howard County Library 410 313-5577 410 313-5588 FAX: 410 313-5575 † Bill, Just a bit of information for anyone who would like to get involved in a one on one basis in assisting a veteran in need.† An advocate, in other words, for a vet having difficulty with a certain claim, right, benefit, receiving adequate medical care, etc. Local American Legions and their Ladies Auxiliary can recommend a vet with a need and also will tell a veterans story to their elected officials. Volunteers are needed, of course, at any veterans hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, day care center, etc. and this is a great way to meet a vet in need of an advocate. Also I understand certain veterans cemeteries are in disgraceful condition. This site lists veterans organizations who are dedicated to our heroes:†† Don Imus is covering the Walter Reed scandal weekly from 5:30 to 9:00 am on MSNBC, Jim Lehrer's News Hour and other programs†also.†Some of our classmates are writing to these programs and their Congressional representatives, Senators, Commission members, anyone who is in a responsible position to help make a difference and hear our complaints. I have a motto for this movement:† EveryOneServeOne.† There are approximately nine†adult citizens†to every†veteran in the US , according to statistics.† All it takes is for each one of us to reach at least one vet and do all that we can to see that our heroes receive what they so greatly deserve. In other words, put some action to our words and complaints. May God bless our efforts, Dale † JUST ANNOUNCED! A Tribute and Benefit for Departed Washington , DC Saxophone Legend JOE STANLEY Thursday, March 15, 2007 8pm-12 midnight El Boqueron II Restaurant (Behind Joe‚§Ās Record Paradise on Gude Drive in Rockville , Maryland ) Featuring: Big Joe and the Dynaflows The Billy Hancock Dance Band The Grandsons Hillbilly Jazz The Joe Stanley Tribute-Saxophone Orchestra †For ticket info and details call Joe‚§Ās Record Paradise at 301 315-2235


The Bowie Baysox, Class ‚§¶AA‚§? affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, are looking for unique and talented members of the community to perform the National Anthem before select home games during the 2007 season.† Open auditions will take place Saturday, March 24 at Prince George ‚§Ās Stadium, beginning at 9:00 a.m. † The audition is open to individual singers and musicians, as well as small groups.† Gates to the stadium will open at 8:30 a.m., and auditions will be conducted on a first-come, first-perform basis.† All auditions must be in person, no cassettes, videos, or CDs will be accepted for review. † Since the team moved to Prince George ‚§Ās Stadium in 1994, the Baysox have had a live performance of ‚§¶The Star Spangled Banner‚§? before each Baysox home game. † ‚§¶The national anthem is an integral part of baseball, and the Baysox take great pride in being able to involve local talent in an American tradition year after year,‚§? Baysox Assistant General Manager Phil Wrye said. † More information regarding the National Anthem auditions can be accessed at the Baysox official website or by calling the Baysox at 301-805-6000.† Reservations are not accepted for audition times. † The Bowie Baysox will enter its 15th season as the ‚§¶AA‚§? affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles in 2007. The Baysox will open their 2007 home schedule on Thursday, April 12th against the Trenton Thunder (Class ‚§¶AA‚§? Affiliate of the New York Yankees) at Prince George 's Stadium in Bowie , MD. †Single-game tickets for the Baysox 71-game home schedule will go on sale to the public Saturday, March 31st at 10 AM as part of the Baysox 7th annual Free Family FunFest at Prince George ‚§Ās Stadium and on-line at Baysox Season Ticket plans as well as, group outings, picnics, birthday parties are currently available for booking by calling the Baysox front office at (301) 464-4880.† The Baysox will also be welcoming their 5 Millionth Fan to the ballpark this season, will it be you?





Just a day after the Scooter Libby conviction, the Examiner Newspapers published an interview with Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame to get their choices of the best Washington has to offer (March 9, 2007) as they prepare to move to Santa Fe . In response to "Favorite place to watch sports," Wilson named RFK. Plame's response: "Shirley Povich Field in Cabin John Park to watch Big Train collegiate baseball."

A Spring clean-up just unearthed four pretty cool South Atlantic League cards signed by Houston Astros outfielder Charlton (CJ) Jimerson (BT 1999/NCAA College World Series 2001 MVP). So here's the deal: the next four families/businesses that reply to this email pledging to buy a Family or Corporate Season Pass and mail us their check for $125 next week will get a signed CJ card with their season pass.† Check-out Wikipedia for a summary of CJ's amazing life story:† † Join the party!†We've already sold almost two-hundred 2007 Season Passes.† Bethesda magazine lists Big Train baseball as one of the "67 Things We Love About Bethesda ." Last summer, Washingtonian magazine named Big Train baseball as one of " Washington 's Best." The Washington Post says: "For Baseball That Feels Right, Try Bethesda at Night."† Reserve your family's place at Povich Field this summer for just $125. To order your season pass, please log onto to the Big Train web page.†

With the success we have had in previous years with our weekly webcast game of the week and the interest expressed by Montgomery Community Television in putting games on local cable television, our friends at Hopkins & Porter agreed to reconfigure the press box to create two broadcast booths. The job should be completed soon in order to serve Georgetown 's Big East schedule. Our thanks to Hopkins & Porter, a 2007 Big Train Season Sponsor.

Register on-line at†for the Summer 2007 Big Train Baseball and Softball Camps. Big Train baseball camps for ages 5-13 offered the weeks of June 18 to July 30. Advanced Development baseball camps for ages 9-12 on Cabin John Field # 2 offered weeks of June 18, June 25, and July 23. Softball camps for ages 8-13 offered weeks of June 25 and July 16. Softball camp for High School girls offered week of June 25. Before and after-care available every week. Big Train 2007 Family Season Passes half-price for families of campers.†Manager Sal Colangelo has done a great job with the camp these last two years, and 2007 promises to be the best Big Train summer camp ever. Your kids will be coached by the Big Train stars they watch at night.†Dr. Maura Ryan, head coach at Paint Branch High School , will again run our softball camps.

In his inspirational new guidebook, Strength In You, psychologist Dan Saferstein, Ph.D., compiles a wealth of wisdom and motivation for young athletes. We`ve paraphrased five of his truisms below: 1. Glory cannot be owned. You can only taste it for a while. Then it becomes time for someone else to have their taste. 2. Appreciate life`s curve balls. Don`t give up on yourself after a bad game or season. Your life is a long season, made up of many smaller ones. You never know what the next will bring. Who knows? You might turn out to be a better curve-ball hitter than you ever thought possible. 3. Make up with your inner coach. The coach inside your head can sometimes make you feel terrible about every little mistake. Mine got so angry with me I couldn`t help but get angry at my opponents. I never reached my potential until I learned to forgive myself for my mistakes. 4. Success cannot ensure happiness. There are countless superstars who feel empty inside. You will always be yourself no matter what you accomplish. Fame doesn`t change character. Too many athletes assume their success will serve as the foundation for their self-respect rather than their self-respect serving as the foundation for their success. 5. Opponents are not evil. Successful athletes don`t waste time and effort rooting against anyone or trying to prove they`re better. They don`t have enemies. Once you respect the competition, the pressure is off. You can just play instead of stockpiling ammunition for some meaningless status war. Lay down your weapons and come in peace. [Group discounts for the book are available for organizations at]

"The book I've poured my heart and soul into, and worked on for the past 12†months has finally arrived. Over the past few years, literally thousands of†people have engaged me in discussions on how the game of baseball has changed†over the years. I went to work and found the answers! † My book gives a checkup on baseball, that's why I call it "Dropping the†Ball". I then give a prescription on how every person, organization or entity†associated with the game can do their part in trying to fix some of the ills of†the sport.... to change its image..... to make teens want to still play and†enjoy baseball..... to keep it an important part of American culture. I even†make a case for a career in Major League Baseball compared to those in the†NBA or the NFL. † It is a must read for every parent, coach and youngster interested in the†sport. There is something for everyone from Little Leagues to the Major†Leagues. It's eye opening, thought provoking and solution driven. † It's now available on and will be available in bookstores across†the country beginning March 20, 2007, along with my nationwide bookstore and†media tour. I hope you'll enjoy it and share it with friends." Dave Winfield Hall of Fame 2001 _www.davewinfieldhof.com_ (

For more information, please log onto or call 301/983-1006. Or email us at † 2007 BIG TRAIN PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE † 2007 BIG TRAIN PRELIMINARY ROSTER

Thanks to these organizations for their generous support of Big Train baseball for the 2007 season: Chevy Chase Bank, Carl M. Freeman Foundation, Grossberg CPAs, Hopkins & Porter, Ledo Pizza, Miller & Long Co., Ourisman Automotive, and Sandy Spring Builders.

CAL RIPKEN, SR. COLLEGIATE BASEBALL LEAGUE†2007 will be the third season of the Cal Ripken, Sr. Collegiate Baseball League. The Herndon Braves will join the league in 2007, bringing the total to seven teams: Bethesda Big Train, College Park Maryland Bombers, Herndon Braves, Maryland Redbirds, Rockville Express, Silver Spring-Takoma Thunderbolts, and Youse's Maryland Orioles. The teams play a 42-game regular season that will start on Friday, June 8 with the Maryland Orioles visiting the Big Train at Shirley Povich Field in Bethesda . Playoffs will begin July 31. The Cal Ripken, Sr. Collegiate Baseball League has a license agreement with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation for the use of the name Cal Ripken, Sr. and is not affiliated with nor sponsored by the Foundation or Ripken Baseball. For information, please log onto

Bethesda Big Train 28-12 .700 -- Rockville Express 25-15 .625 3 Youse's Orioles 23-17 .575 5 College Park Bombers 20-20 .500 8 SS-T Thunderbolts 14-26 .350 14†† Maryland Redbirds 10-30 .250 18 † The Montgomery Cup sponsored by The Gazette: Bethesda (11-5),† Rockville (10-6),† Silver Spring-Takoma (3-13). † † † Log onto††for up-to-date boxscores and standings.† Sign-up for CRSL email alerts:† Bruce

Langhorne Voted Kodak All-America Finalist
Langhorne receives regional honors for the second time in her career

For the second-consecutive year, Maryland 's Crystal Langhorne was selected one of 52 finalists for the 2007 Kodak/WBCA All-America Basketball team, which the Women's Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) announced on Thursday. She was one of six players from Region 2 to make the cut. The 52 finalists are voted on by the WBCA-member coaches in each of the eight geographical regions. The finalists are in the running for the 10-member all-American team, which will be announced during the NCAA Women's Final Four weekend, April 1-3. Earning her third-straight All-ACC citation, including a second first-team nod, Crystal Langhorne is joined by Duke's Alison Bales and Lindsey Harding, North Carolina 's Erlana Larkins and Ivory Latta, and Delaware 's Tyresa Smith. Langhorne is leading the nation with a 72.2 shooting percentage, just two tenths of a percentage off the NCAA record. She leads the team with 15.1 points and 8.0 rebounds per game. Most recently, she was named to the All-ACC Tournament team for the third-consecutive year after averaging 17.0 ppg and 7.0 rpg. Langhorne is a Wade Trophy and Naismith Award candidate, presented to the national player of the year. She was selected a Midseason Wooden All-American and is a finalist for the Wooden Award, also a national player of the year honor, for the second-straight year. Langhorne was named an All-American by the Associated Press and United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA) last year, the team's first All-American since 1989. She was a preseason AP All-American entering this season. Maryland , who is 27-5 and ranked seventh in the AP poll and fifth in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches poll, will wait until the announcement of the NCAA Tournament bracket and seedings. The announcement will be made on Monday, March 12 at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

Field Hockey Assistant Coach Travels With Men's National Team
U.S. Men's Team looking for Pan Am games berth

Maryland field hockey assistant coach Tjerk van Herwaarden has been named to the United State Men's National Team coaching staff and will be traveling to Bermuda for a best-of-three series versus Mexico to help the Americans secure a spot in this summer's Pan American Games. A native of Holland , van Herwaarden has been with the Terrapins for two years, helping the team win back-to-back national championships. He has extensive international coaching experience and, last year, led Maryland EPTC ( Elite Performance Training Center ) team to capture the United State Field Hockey national tournament championship. The U.S. and Mexico met in matches March 8, 10 and 11 at the Bermuda National Sports Centre with the winner joining Argentina , Canada , Chile , Cuba , Netherlands Antilles, Trinidad & Tobago and host Brazil at the Pan American Games, July 15-25 in Rio de Janeiro . The Pan American Games serve as the continental qualifier for the Olympic Games with the winner of the competition earning the continents automatic berth in Beijing in 2008. † A favorable outcome in Bermuda would not only send the USA to the Pan Am Games, but would also keep alive the team's Olympic qualifying hopes. Teams placing 2nd-5th at the Pan Am Games will earn spots in one of three six-team Olympic Qualifying Tournaments in 2008. The winners of each of the qualifying tournament will advance to the Olympic Games.

Melwood Prince George's County Open

Fact Sheet WHAT The Melwood Prince George's County Open, featuring top professional golf stars competing on the Nationwide Tour, makes its debut May 21-27, 2007 at the Country Club of Woodmore in Mitchellville, MD.† WHERE The Country Club of Woodmore (, 12320 Pleasant Prospect, Mitchellville, MD 20721 WHEN Tournament Week runs Monday, May 21 through Sunday, May 27, 2007. TOURNAMENT WEEK Monday, May 21:† Half day Pro-Am with 28 professionals on tournament course, junior clinic (time TBD) Tuesday, May 22:† Pro-Am pairings party, off-site Pro-Am event, professionals practice rounds Wednesday, May 23:† Official Pro-Am competition with 54 teams (four amateurs and one pro per team) followed by awards party Thursday, May 24:† First Round Friday, May 25:† Second Round Saturday, May 26:† Third Round Sunday, May 27:† Final Round (First Tee Time:† Approx. 8:30 am); volunteer thank-you party with 2007 champion PLAYERS The field begins with 156 professional golfers and is reduced to the low 60 scores including ties after 36 holes. PURSE $600,000 purse with the champion collecting $108,000 COURSE The Country Club of Woodmore:† Par-72, 7059-yard, 18-hole championship golf course TICKETS Daily and weekly tickets and badges can be purchased in advance at or during tournament week at the gate. Weekday Grounds Tickets:† $10.00 Provides entrance for one individual to the tournament grounds on any one weekday. Weekend Grounds Tickets:† $15.00 Provides entrance for one individual to the tournament grounds on Saturday or Sunday. Weekly Grounds Tickets:† $30.00 Provides entrance for one individual to the tournament grounds for the entire week of the tournament. (Monday - Sunday) Clubhouse Daily Tickets:† $25.00 Provides entrance for one individual to the tournament grounds and clubhouse (located adjacent to the 18th green for prime viewing) any one day (Monday - Sunday). Clubhouse Weekly Tickets:† $100.00 Provides entrance for one individual to the tournament grounds and clubhouse (located adjacent to the 18th green for prime viewing) for the entire week of the tournament (Monday - Sunday). HOST ORGANIZATION/CHARITABLE RECIPIENT Melwood, a 501(c)(3) organization that serves over 2,100 people with developmental disabilities throughout the Capital Region, will serve as the host and charitable recipient of the event. HONORARY CHAIRMAN Tacoma Park, MD-native, former University of Maryland golf coach and seven-time PGA TOUR champion Fred Funk will serve as the tournament's honorary chairman. PARKING & SHUTTLE SERVICE TBD FAN POLICIES * Credentials must be displayed at all times * Cell phones/pagers and all other portable digital devices†are not permitted at any time * Bags and/or backpacks will not be allowed; purses will be inspected * Folding chairs are permitted, but the carry case is not permitted * No cameras/video cameras permitted after Wednesday (permitted only Monday and Tuesday) * No radios, TVs, signs, banners or ladders permitted anytime * No coolers, beverages or alcoholic beverages * Persons and bags or containers are subject to inspection any time * Stay behind the gallery ropes and obey the Officials and Marshals * All spectators are required to wear shirts and shoes GENERAL INFORMATION Tournament Office: (301) 218-2495 Tournament Director: Teo Sodeman Website:† ††††† About the Nationwide Tour†Owned and operated by the PGA TOUR from its Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, headquarters, the Nationwide Tour will be in its 18th year of operation in 2007. This coming season will see the Tour offer 32 events with nearly $18 million in prize money. At season's end, the Top 25 money winners will graduate to the PGA TOUR for the 2008 season. To date, former Nationwide Tour players have won 196 PGA TOUR titles, including 10 major championships. Notable players include John Daly, Tom Lehman, Chad Campbell, Stuart Appleby, Stewart Cink, Zach Johnson and Jason Gore.† Nationwide is in its fifth year as the umbrella sponsor of the Tour.


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