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Sports Beat
 February 4, 2006

McCaffrey's World by Bill McCaffrey

Well its finally here "SUPER BOWL" Sunday and hey no Ravens and no Redskins to root for as both teams just did not measure up as playoff teams.

The game this evening should be a good one. The Philadelphia Eagles are a seven point underdog to the New England Patriots and I think I would take the Eagles and the points.

Hey you Ravens fans your team really messed up by not getting Terrell "TO" Owens. "TO" wants to play in this game and shows more guts than most of the Ravens.

By the way Raven rooters how about those ten to thirteen dollar per ticket increases? Yes and the generous Ravens promise not to raise the ticket prices again in 2006, but they didnšt commit to that for 2007. I wonder if the concession and parking prices will be going up this year. Whoops, I'm getting away from the Super Bowl and thatšs what todayšs about.

In looking at the talent it looks pretty even, let's start at quarterback where Tom Brady is 8-0 with two Super Bowl wins but Donovan McNabb has the ability to make things happen even tho "TO" might not play you have to give the edge to Brady because hešs been there and done it.

I think running back is even with Corey Dillon and Brian Westbrook, both doing the job for their team.

On receiving if "TO" plays the Eagles will have the advantage if not the edge will go to the Patriots on the strength of their tight end Daniel Graham.

Rounding out the offense the Patriots offensive line has played large in the playoffs and there's no reason to believe they won't excel in the big one, edge to the Patriots here.

On defense I think the Eagles have a little edge over the Patriots.

Philadelphia is led by its strong defensive back group led by Michael Lewis, Brian Dawkins and Lito Sheppard (all pro bowl bound).

David Akers and Adam Vinatieri are both very good and very consistent.

Either one could be a factor in a close game so therešs no edge for either teams in this area.

Neither team is above average when it comes to special teams. Whošs better in the coaching department? Well Bill Belichick has two Super Bowl rings Andy Reid has none, so will it be three for Annapolis High grad Beliechick?

Yes I think it will be a close one the Patriots by four.

Take the seven and the Eagles and you will be a winner even though the Eagles wonšt be.

If you donšt like football you can watch nine hours of ŒCharmed" on TNT from 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Sammy Sosa has landed in Crab Town by the Bay and he has landed big time and should provide the Baltimore Orioles with the additional fire power needed to make and already potent offense one of the most feared batting orders in all of baseball.

Sosa comes to the Orioles with 574 career home runs and if he has anything left he could hit sixty in the "Yard" this season and if he likes his new home and stays for a few years you Oriole fans might see him reach the 700 mark.

He comes very cheap, the Orioles gave up nothing and the Cubs are gong to pick up 12 of his 17 million dollar salary for 2005.

Now the only problem for the Orioles is on the mound where the team is weak in the starting department, so-so in middle relief, and iffy in the closing area. They have some young arms with potential and a chubby Sidney Ponson as their number one arm.

Over DC way the Washington Nationals still have no owner but they have sold 17,000 season tickets and that is a major plus.


Football signings last week so Maryland come up with a class that has a lot of potential but not a class that caught the attention of the National recruiting raters.

Maryland needed a quarterback and came up with just one Chris Turner, a 6š3", 195 pounder from West Hills, California.

Other area Terps recruits:

Jeff Allen and Anthony Wiseman (DeMatha), Dwight Galt IV and Tommy Galt (Good Counsel), Jared Gaither (Roosevelt), Travis Ivey (Riverdale Baptist), Melvin Alaeze and Dotteyward-Bey.

Other area signings....
Kenneth Jefferson DeMatha Virginia Tech
Robert Norris DeMatha Virginia Tech
Willie Blakeney DeMatha Texas Southern
Carl Chism DeMatha Texas Southern
David Gary DeMatha Holy Cross
Kendric Hawkins DeMatha Buffalo
Erick Jones DeMatha Delaware State
Matt Minus DeMatha Texas Southern
Anthony Perkins DeMatha Syracuse
Joe Muldoon DeMatha Army
Jordan Scott DeMatha Colgate
Leonard Wright DeMatha Stoney Brook
Femi Akinwande Eleanor Roosevelt Duquesne
Harrison Baker Eleanor Roosevelt Wagner
Will Davis Eleanor Roosevelt Illinois
Sam Crossed Eleanor Roosevelt Duquesne
Malcolm Ethridge Eleanor Roosevelt N.C. A & T
Thomas Moore Eleanor Roosevelt Wagner
Matt Queen Eleanor Roosevelt Duquesne
Derrick Williams Eleanor Roosevelt Penn State
Ricky Moore Northern Navy
Diamond Avery Riverdale Baptist Morgan State
Nick Johnson Riverdale Baptist Lehigh
Raymond Brown C.H. Flowers James Madison
I will have more signings next week.


Maryland University Womenšs Basketball coach Brenda Frese hit the 100 victory mark as the Lady Terps coasted to a 84-67 win over Georgia Tech this past Thursday.

All-American candidate Shay Doron hit for 18 points as did Crystal Langhorne in the win. Kalika France added 14 while Anesia Smith dished out 11 assists and grabbed ten rebounds as the Terps upped their record to 15-5.

For Frese it ran her record at College Park to 43-36, the other 57 victories came at Ball State and Minnesota.

Frese commented "These 100 wins are about the teams Išve coached in three different programs. My players and assistant coaches share the credit for the victories. It was exciting to do it at home in front of our great fans, that means a lot to us."

Next Sunday (February 13th) the Terps host Duke and they hope to draw 15,000 to College Park.


A few tidbits about the Super Bowl. Roughly 300 miles separate Boston and Philadelphia, two towns that are known for their sports teams and the fans that support them. This weekend doesn't just represent the Patriots vs. the Eagles, but two completely different cultures clashing, right down to the fact that a submarine sandwich is a 'grinder' in New England and a 'hoagie' in Philadelphia. Boston and Philadelphia are cities with much common history, beginning as competitors in colonial times. The late Penn sociologist E. Digby Baltzell mined the differences in the two cities in his landmark book Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia. As for the game itself, this Super Bowl is will see a new record for 30 second commercials, where corporate America will shell out $2.25 million for an ad. If you are worried if enough corporations will step forward to pay such an exorbitant amount, keep in mind that Fox expects almost $200 million in ad sales alone as a result of the game. ALLTEL Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida, has a seating capacity 76,877, but this game will be televised in over 230 countries around the world. The teams play for a trophy that is created by Tiffany & Co, and for the winner's share of $68,000 per player (the losers receive $36,500 each). The trophy was named after the late coach Vince Lombardi of the two-time Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers prior to the 1971 Super Bowl and is a regulation silver football mounted in a kicking position on a pyramid-like stand of three concave sides. The trophy stands nearly 21 inches tall, weighs 6.7 pounds and is valued in excess of $25,000. The words "Vince Lombardi" and "Super Bowl XXXIX" are engraved on the base along with the NFL shield.

Dear Fred,
Fred also passes the information that Charles Morris (AHS 1955) and Jimmy Case (AHS 1953) have passed away. Thanks for the information.

In some of your messages if you could include that the AHS Luncheon for the 40's - 50's graduates is the last one planned for a long time, would appreciate that. We are doing good so far after 12 days out of the notice as back on we now have 35 persons signed up. I look for a great turn out. This is definitely my last one. Thanks,

Dear Fred,
Išve sent my money in and the rest of the folks better do it now or theyšll be shut out.

Eddie LeBaron from the college of pacific, x-marine, he was injured twice in Korea, played in Canada . 5' 9" (tops) tuff kid,wore #14, handsome, had law degree .threw 5 touchdowns against chi. Cards in 1958 said he had trouble looking over the line, well, what would he do today with those monsters coming at him. retired in 1960 but joined cowboys and played 4 more yrs. AND WHO REPLACED HIM? --AL DOROW, EAGLE DAY, M.C. REYNOLDS RALPH GUGLIEMI(SP CK) FRANK RYAN, NORM SNEAD,DOUG WILLIAMS, JOE THEISMAN (AS IN HEISMAN)JAY SCHROEDER,FRANK FILCHOCK,GILMER, SCARBATH, etc. (Ralph Googs replaced Eddie but the next year we all remember Norm Snead the rook from Wake Forest who then went to the Eagles for Sonny who was also in that deal? Claude Crabb, John Reiger,etc)

Dear RG,
Actually Harry Gilmer was being groomed to replace Baugh but LeBaron became the next regular quarterback. Reiger actually never really was with Philadelphia he was with Pittsburgh in 1963 and with the Redskins in 1964,65, and 66. Thanks for the run down. Frank Filehock last played in the NFL with the Baltimore Colts in 1950.

Dear Bill,
The answer to question three is Eddie LeBaron. Da King Dear King, Correct you are always on the mark. Bill Bill, Marlene Georgio who lives in Alexandria wrote this to me. This is Bobby Lee's place in Clarendon named number one. I sent you his E-mail site a few months ago and is now on your mailing list. He went to St. John's with Joe Mona and others but grew up in SE and was a original member of that club Poochie Hilliary, Kenny Talbert all belonged to. Mostly Anacostia guys. So guys, that's the place to have some fun and watch the Super Bowl.
John L

Dear John,
Thanks and herešs Marlenešs letter. Here's something I thought you'd find interesting. Every Friday there is a community paper which is distributed named Mount Vernon Gazette, there is also an Alexandria Gazette and others all owned by the same company...has basically the same stuff only some things are geared for your community. Anyway, in today's issue, in the Sports section they have written up the best 10 places for Super Bowl Spots: #2. Crystal City Sports Pub; #3. Greve's Restaurant & Sports Bar; #4. Tino's Sports Bar; #5. Murphy's Grand Irish Pub (been there - didn't consider it a "sports bar.); #6. Baily's Smokehouse & Tavern; #7. Brion's Grille; #8. Old Town Theater; #9. Kilroy's Restaurant (been there many times); #10. Ned Devine's.
#1. MISTER DAY'S This was written by a Joey Kamide (sounds Greek to me). Ask you friend if he knows Joey. There were some "also rans" too. But your buddy is #1 Marlene



1. Patrick Pannela
2. Shippenberg State
3. Eddie LeBaron but Harry Gilmer was being groomed for the job.


1. What movie theater was located on 14th Street NW two blocks south of the Tivoli?
2. What bar was located next to the Academy Theater on 8th Street SE across from the Marine Barracks.
3. What was the name of the girl who went to MacFarland Junior High School and Montgomery Blair High School who later appeared on the Carol Burnett TV show? And for you readers from Baltimore who was Miss Maryland in 1954 who later had a radio show on WCAO?

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