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Sports Beat

    January 17, 2008

Sports Beat by Bill McCaffrey

Another great weekend of football and I hit three out of four with my only loss being the Colts.  I liked the play of Eli Manning and the New York football Giants.   Off the Dallas Cowboys offense against the Giants why would anybody want Jason Garrett to be a head coach for their team?   Eli Manning and the Giants defense handed the Dallas Cowboys their six straight playoff loss 21-17.   Brett Farve threw 3 TD passes two to Greg Jennings as the Packers beat the Seahawks 42-20, Ryan Grant ran for 3 TDıs and 201 yards for the Packers.   Norv Turner was sweating a lot but his Chargers rallied in the second half to down the Colts 28-24 despite a 33-48, 402 yards and 3 TDıs by Payton Manning.   New England rallied in the second half to down Jacksonville 31-20.  Tom Brady was near perfect hitting on 26 of 28 pass attempts for 3 TDıs, 262 yards and no picks.   Today Sunday (January 20th) Green Bay hosts the Giants ­ pick the Packers. New England hosts San Diego ­ pick the Patriots.

Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks I have ever seen here are some of the others I have liked over the years:
30ıs ­ 40ıs ­ Sammy Baugh, Sid Luckman, Paul Christian
50ıs ­ Bobby Layne, Otto Graham, Bob Waterfield
50ıs ­ 60ıs ­ Johnny Unitas, Sonny Jurgeson
Others ­ Terry Bradshana, Bart Starr, Joe Montana, Fran Tarbeton, Dan Marino.

I understand Garrettıs wife Britt did not like Baltimore as a place to live.   How long has Garrett been an assistant coach in the NFL?   The Tennessee Titans fired offensive coordinator Norm Chow.   Tony Sparano is the new head coach of the Miami Dolphins.   If Bob Sanders was the NFL defensive player of the year the selectors must have been blind.  He was stupid and terrible in the Colts loss to the Chargers.   Atlanta has hired Tom Dimitroff as GM; he has been director of scouting for New England .


Chad Cordoro gets a one year 6.2 million dollar contract from the Nats but donıt rule out a trade away soon.   The Nats have also signed Kory Castro, John Lanon, Garrett Mock, Chris Schroder, Jose Whitesell, Matt Whitney, Hastings Milledge and Rosa Detiviler.  I think Detiviler is a diamond in the rough, he can really bring it.   A nice story on Bert Shepard by George Vecsey in the NY Times on Thursday, January 10th, what it didnıt mention was he pitched two games that season the other was a war bond game with Leo Durocher and the Brooklyn Dodgers.   Brandon Backe gets a re-up one year deal from Houston .   The Nats are moving one of their top prospects Chris Marrero from the outfield to first base.   The Cards signed Josh Phelps to a minor league deal.   Former Cards GM Walt Jocketty has joined the Reds front office.   Jon Lieber is back with the Cubs, one year contract.   Scott Rolan was swapped by the Cardinals to Toronto for Troy Glaus.   The Atlanta Braves have traded pitcher Joey Devine to the Oakland Aıs for Mack Kotsay.  Is Kotsay going to take Andrew Jones place in center field?   Outfielder Mark Cameron moves from the Padres to the Brewers.


It turns out the Orioles got rid of Miquel Tajada in just the right time.   The Orioles are ready to sign Octavio Dotel to a one year deal.   Andy McPhail, Orioles GM, may be making an offer to the Twins for pitcher Johan Santana.  Donıt count it out.   The Rangers released pitcher Bill While.   Eddie Guardado gets a two million one year deal from Texas .   The Oakland Aıs have signed pitcher Justin Duchscherer to a one year deal.   Doug Mirabelli will be back as the back up catcher for the Red Sox.


The Calvert Center is currently planning their 20th Annual Skills USA Bowl-A-Thon.  This year they will once again host the Bowl-A-Thon on Saturday, March 8, 2008 , at the Lord Calvert Bowling Alley, located in Huntingtown.  Proceeds from this event will be used to cover expenses needed for the many competitions scheduled throughout the school year.   The Skills USA mission focuses on the applied method of instruction for preparing America ıs high performance workers in public career and technical programs.  This organization provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship and character development.  Results of student participation build and reinforce self-confidence, work attitudes and communications skills; life-long education and pride in the dignity of work.  Through the involvement of Skills USA and business partnerships, the promotion in understanding of the free-enterprise system and personal involvement in community service is encouraged in the process of bein g productive citizens.   Last year, 23 students attended the National Competition representing Calvert County and walked away with 4 awards ­ 2 gold metals and 2 bronze metals.  We also had fifth, sixth, eighth, and tenth place winners.  The National Competition will be held in June of this year in Kansas City, Missouri.

If you would like to make a donation (which is tax deductible), checks may be made payable to Calvert Career Center Skills USA and mailed to:  Calvert Career Center, Attention Mrs. Kathy Lisko, 330 Dorsey Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678.

If you would like more information regarding the Bowl-A-Thon, or would like to put a company team together and join us for a few hours of fun, please contact Mrs. Kathy Lisko @ 410-535-7323 or email for a team sponsor sheet.  Thank you in advance.


Donıt invite Rich Rodriquez to any party in West Virginia .   Ryan Mallett is leaving Michigan with his destination probably Tennessee.

Football players staying/leaving:
RB James Davis, Clemson, leaving
LB Jerod Mayo, Tennessee, leaving
QB Chase Holbrook, New Mexico State, staying
LB Geno Hayes, Florida State, leaving
QB Macho Harris, Virginia Tech, staying
RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas, leaving
RB Felix Jones, Arkansas, leaving
QB Xavier Lee, Florida State, leaving
DT Letroy Guion, Florida State, leaving
RB Steve Slaton, West Virginia, leaving

Before 15,531 the Maryland Women hoopsters beat Duke 85-70, it was the Maryland womenıs first win over Duke at home in 10 years.   Greivis Vasquez hit for 22 to lead the Maryland men to a 71-64 victory over Wake Forest.   Navy football coach Ken Niumatolo has completed his staff they are Joe DuPaix, Ashley Ingram, Steve Johns, Tony Grantham, Buddy Green, and Ivin Jasper.   Look for Alex Krivjanik to have an outstanding soph season at Guilford College.   The Terps men lost to Virginia Tech 67-66.


Bill, Went to site to inform them of our upcoming BCC Class of '53 reunion, June 6-8, just in case they might include it and thus spread out the message a bit more.  It is at Pooks Hill Marriott and several of us dated at Roosevelt and Wilson, etc.  What do you think?  By the way, have been in email contact now with Phil. Thanks for the email address. Asked him to come to our event and he will be in transition between Florida and the north at that time.  Wish he would come. He knows quite a few of us in our class.  Ruthie

Ruthie, Col. Phil is so tied up with the different fan clubs he belongs to and his latest squeeze. Bill

Bill, Here Is Another Name From The Past Who Needs Our Prayers.  Jack Staub Who Was the Center on Anacostiaıs Football Team In 1953-1956.  He Is Suffering With Alzheimerıs.  He Now Lives In Temple Texas With His Wife Dianne.   You Asked Me Who I Like In November, I Havenıt Seen Anyone That I'm Wild About.  I'll have to wait to make up My Mind. I Know That I Will Not Vote For A Democrat Unless They Give Me A Better Choice.

I Saw A Tee Shirt The Other Day With A Picture Of Hilary And A Slogan That Read Life Is A Bitch Donıt Elect One

As For My Health I Am Getting Better All The Time.  I Now Have A Pacemaker/Defibulater Which Keeps Things Running Smoothly.  That Thirteen Hour Open Heart Surgery In 1995 Damn Near Killed Me.&n bsp; After It My Body Quit And I Had To Learn Everything All Over Again.  About The Only Thing I Could Do Was Talk.  They even knocked Out My Upper Teeth.  It Took Me Three Months To Get Out Of The Hospital. I Even Had Blood Clots In My Lungs And Heart During My Recovery.  Thank God It All Worked Out All Right.

We Can Survive Most Anything Since We Survived George March, Earnie Yeargin, Bob Dahut, Frank Avery, Paul Wright, And Jerry Robinson.  I Don't Know How Much You Know About That Group I've Heard That George March Died, Bob Dahut Committed Suicide In Florida About A Year Ago, Frank Avery Is Now An Episcopal Minister In Southwestern Va. Paul Wright Is Blind And Living In Richmond, Jerry Robinson Died About Two Years Ago.   Hang In There It Gets Better As We Get Older. Growing Old Is Not For Sissy God Bless You And Give You Help In Getting Everything Back To Normal ... My Prayers Are With You Tom Vaden

Tom, Good report, thank you and my prayers are with you. Bill

Bill, Shirley Mae ³Hool² Peters 82 of Waldorf passed away on November 1, 2007.  She graduated from Anacostia High School in 1942.  Much of her life she spent volunteering. Fred Plummer

Bill, Passing this date of Beverly Anne Rausch Sullins, class of ı46 at Fairfax , VA the sister of Leonard M. Rausch, class of ı47.  Bev was a member of Theta Delta Sorority, the Rifle Club, the Student Council, Allied Youth, and a Captain in the Cadets at Anacostia High School .  She was the best. Anne Ferguson Macon Received this from Anne Fred Plummer

Fred, Thanks for the information. Bill


After back to back wins over the Celtics the Wizards lost to the NY Knicks.   I wonder where they are. Don Hardesty, Jimmy Edwards, Joan Scott Thorne, Joan Albert, Margie Imlay, Mary Moffatt, Jean Smith Heenan, Bob Hood, Marie McKinley and Frances Stringfellow.   I like ³Deal or no Deal² until Ellen Degentis showed up Wednesday, she added nothing to the show! Even Col. Phil turned down membership in Ellenıs Fan Club.   Where is Jimmy Smits TV show ³Caine²?   Hulk Hoganıs American Gladiators on NBC is gaining in the ratings.   The popular Ronnie Dove will be appearing at the Chesapeake Arts Center on March 2nd at 3 p.m. David Jones has resigned as Executive Director of the Chesapeake Arts Center effective January 31st.   A great book is ³Hollywood Station² by Joseph Wambaugh.   I like new Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.   At least some States have a backbone; Oklahoma is getting tough with the law breaking illegals.  Doesnıt illegal mean you are breaking the law?   Look for the NBA, NHL to be back in Baltimore soon.   We will have more on the DC Divas, roller derby and pro volleyball in the very near future.

M.O.M. is earring the name of ³pennies for M.O.M.² in my count is disapproval rate is closer to 29% than 39%.  His latest energy proposal means you and me are going to pay more to BG&E.  Also the prices at the pump are soaring.

Our deepest sympathy goes to Randy Clemens and his family on the sudden death of his wife, Rosemarie at the age of 48 on January 9th.  She was a big fan of NASCAR and bingo; she will be missed by many.

Also deepest sympathy goes to the families of the following:
Johnny Podres (great Dodger pitcher who led then to their only World Series win in 1955).
Elizabeth Gedney Ewan (Wilson HS grad)
Albert F. Hammett (Eleanor Roosevelt HS grad)
Lawrence E. Plant (Tech HS grad)
Gwendolyn T. Britt (MD State Senator passed on Jan. 12th)
Frances Schlegel Murray (Theodore Roosevelt HS grad)
Roy Eckert (Eastern HS grad)
Mary Lou ³Mernie² Brezina (former C&P Telephone employee)
Dr. William F. Simpson, Jr. (Theodore Roosevelt HS grad)
Joe Nicolas Malia (Attended Eastern HS)

NEA and MSTA funds endorse Frank Kratovil in First District Primary

The National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education has endorsed Frank Kratovil, Stateıs Attorney for Queen Anneıs County and candidate for Congress from Maryland ıs First District.  Kratovil was recommended to the national organization by the Maryland State Teachers Association Fund for Children and Public Education. ³The NEA Fund will recommend your candidacy to the NEA members residing in your Congressional District and will urge them to play a leadership role in helping you achieve victory,² Reg Weaver, chair person of the NEA Fund, stated in a letter announcing the endorsement. ³The NEA Fund and MSTA-FCPE are proud to support the election of federal candidates, like you, who measure up on the issues that most concern our members.²

Harford Democrats Endorse Frank Kratovil

On January 2nd the New Harford County Democratic Club endorsed Frank Kratovil for Congress at their meeting in Aberdeen . The Harford Club, with 700 members, is the largest Democratic Club in Maryland . It also is very influential, as illustrated by its involvement in election activities at all levels and by helping to raise Democratic gubernatorial voting in Harford by 40% in the 2006 election.


Sunday, January 20
Kent/QAC League of Women Voters Congressional Forum
2:00 - 5:00 p.m. at Humanities Building, Chesapeake College.
For details call 410.827.4237.

Tuesday, January 22
Kent County Democratic Club Forum
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at Amy Lynn Adult Acti vity Center, 200 Schauder Road, Chestertown.
For details call 410.648.5476 or 410.708.8024.


Wednesday, December 12
Talbot Unity Dinner and Democratic Forum  Held at the Waterfront Inn in Royal Oak.
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown and First District Congressional Candidates spoke to Talbot County Democrats.

Thursday, December 13
Reception for Frank Kratovil with Special Guest Attorney General Douglas Gansler

Monday, December 17
Guvirner Martin O'Malley Reception for Frank Kratovil

Volunteer Night

Mark Sunday, January 13th, on your calendars for a Volunteer Party from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Kratovil residence in Stevensville. Refreshments will be served. We will also have an opportunity to sign-up to work the polls on February 12th. See you there!

Signs are Ready for Pick-up and Posting

The Kratovil for Congress signs have arrived! Please consider putting one in your yard. Call the Kratovil Campaign office to request signs, if you have not already done so.

County Coordinator Named for Caroline County

Tracey Reid of Federalsburg has been named Coordinator for Caroline County . During the last election she ran the headquarters office for the Caroline County Democrats, coordinating canvassing, lit drops, signs, phone banks, polls and everything else that needs to be done. Her mother, Cheryl Everman, is our Dorchester County Coordinator--apparently the apple did not fall far from the tree. Tracey served as a Navy Corpsman during the first Gulf War and participated in the Haitian Rescue at Guantanamo Bay; now she's a service-disabled vet. Thank you for your service, Tracey, and welcome aboard the Kratovil Campaign. There are a lot of ways you can help the Kratovil for Congress campaign, including door-to-door literature drops, phoning voters, and attending/supporting events.  For opportunity details click "Ways I Can Help" below.  Thank you for your support!

Elect ANDREW HARRIS in the FIRST DIST on NOV 4, 2008!

Bert R.  Sugar, Woodrow Wilson High School 1953 Grad ‹

Bert Randolph Sugar (born June 7, 1936, in Washington, D.C.) is a well known boxing writer. Among his trademarks are his ever-present cigar and fedora . Sugar graduated from the University of Maryland and earned a law degree and MBA from the University of Michigan. After passing the bar exam, he worked in the advertising business in New York City . Sugar bought Boxing Illustrated magazine in 1969 and was editor until 1973. From 1979-1983 he was editor and publisher of The Ring. In 1988 he once again began editing Boxing Illustrated. In 1998 he founded Bert Sugar's Fight Game. Dan

Dan, Thanks for the information. Bill

Ballroom Boxing at Michael's Eighth Avenue is quickly approaching. January 31st the action resume with great fights in store. Super Middleweight Mike "The Persecutor" Paschall (15-0-1) is in the feature fight. And "The Arsenal" Ismail Arvin ( 15-1-3 ) is in the co-feature. Tickets are available now at 410-766-7474. Six live pro bouts and three open class Amateur bouts.   Come find out why Baltimore Magazine calls Ballroom Boxing " Baltimore 's Best Sports Scene."   WWE Wrestling is at Salisbury (Sunday 1/19) tonight and at the Show Place Arena tomorrow evening.

34th Annual Meeting of the Bob Davids Chapter
The first chapter of the Society

(Seriously, can you imagine a better day than this in January?  Didnıt think so!)

When: 9:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. , Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008 .

Where: Sheraton Columbia Hotel
10207 Wincopin Circle
Columbia , MD 21044                  

Phone: (410) 730-3900

Cost: $25 for SABR members and visitors.

Cost includes Italian lunch buffet featuring chicken parmesan, penne pasta primavera, Caesar salad, vegetables, and desserts.   The Sheraton Columbia Hotel is easy to find and centrally located, 20 miles from downtown Baltimore and 25 miles from downtown Washington , DC .  Itıs across from the Mall in Columbia and there is plenty of free parking.

Speakers:  We are scheduled to hear from
- Nicole Sherry, head groundskeeper for the Orioles (Marshall Purnell had to cancel.)
- Grant Paulson, XM Radio host;
- Dave Smith with his always-entertaining summation of the 2007 season.
- Baseball research presentations from chapter members and guests   (Those interested in making a baseball research presentation should contact David Vincent at  There is still a slot remaining.)   The day also will feature always-popular attractions such as:

? Baseball trivia ­ Some gimmes, some posers, none of it actually trivial
? Regional baseball authors
? Vendors of baseball books, most of them chapter members|
? Raffle, where you could go home with some outstanding treasures of considerable v
alue and help raise fund for the chapter

Please complete the form below and send in your payment as soon as possible.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -
Please send cheque or money order payable to: # of Tickets   ________   X   $25 = ________

SABR - Don Seaman 8332 Moline Place Springfield, VA  22153-3314

Ticket requests should be postmarked before midnight January 22, 2008.  Admittance thereafter, including at the door, is $30.  No guarantee of seating, meals, or name tags for registrations after January 19.   After midnight January 22, please do not mail registration forms and cheques; rather, please bring the registration form and a $30 check per person to the meeting and send an email message to with intent to attend.  Thank you.  (See attachment for MS Word version of this message.)

For receipt of application confirmation, please either include a SASE, or email

Name:        __________________________________________________________________________________
Address:    __________________________________________________________________________________
City:          ___________________________________ State ______________   Zip  ______________________
E-mail address:________________________________________   Telephone #  __________________________
Guestıs name ________________________________________   City  ___________________  State _________
Guestıs name ________________________________________   City  ___________________  State _________
Event is opened to members, non-members, and guests.

Questions?  Please contact Barry Sparks, Meeting Chair, at 717. 848.8925.


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